1 week to go

Tuesday morning Scarlett woke up at 7ish. She had her bottle then she went back to sleep. I hadn’t paid for breakfast nor brought anything prepared so I just ate a few cookies I’d bought and had a cup of tea. I gave her down breakfast when she woke and she got it everywhere so I bathed her quickly then dressed her. Dressed myself then packed up and we checked out. We walked back up to the station so we could walk in to the shopping centre. It’s massive.

We met Stephanie and Sophie at the station then we waited for Gina and Sarah. Tasha wasn’t due to arrive till 1pm so once Sarah arrived we walked back to the shopping centre to find a café. Originally we’d said John Lewis but none of us knew where it was so we ended up sitting in the open plan part of a place called Muffin Break.

Gina is Laila’s mom and Laila really took to me, and Scarlett. We sat both the babies on the table together and Laila kept grabbing Scarlett’s top and Scarlett kept looking at her like “wtf are you doing?” Haha

Stephanie is Erin’s mom. Erin and Scarlett are birthday buddies but you wouldn’t believe it. Erin is huge. Scarlett was actually born first lol

Sophie is Henry’s mom. He was the only boy until Rachel arrived with Theo. He was born the day after Valentine’s Day. So he’s younger than Scarlett, Erin, Kira, Isla and Aislinn-Rose

Sarah is Isla’s mom. Isla is 2 days older than Erin and Scarlett. I got a smile off her which is an achievement because her nickname by her mom is angry little elf lol love her though.

Tasha is Kira’s mom and they arrived when I was in muffin break getting something to eat and drink. Kira was originally scheduled to arrive January 25th by planned c-section but had to come 3 days early on January 22nd. She’s a proper cheeky girl. I was talking to her and she was grinning at me.

Roisin is Aislinn-Rose’s mom. She is younger than Erin, Scarlett, Kira and Isla. But is older than Henry and Theo.

Eventually Rachel turned up with Theo. They had had baby sensory so that’s why they were later than everyone else. Theo was born late February so he was the youngest baby but he is a big boy. Very smiley too.

We stayed where we were until about 3pm then we wandered downstairs to the Disney store. I spent £90 on stuff for Scarlett for Christmas. Probably unnecessary but fuck it, it’s her first Christmas. Stephanie and Sophie left to catch their train. I thought they said all of the girls were going so I was a bit annoyed so I paid and stomped out the shop. Tasha called me and I whipped round realising Sarah, Rachel and Tasha were still there. I must’ve looked like a mad woman marching out swinging my pink princess bag. We walked to the station to catch our trains. Tasha and I were on the same platform but going in opposite directions. She missed her train by seconds so she left for another one on a different platform.

Our journey home wasn’t bad but national rail lied about there being a lift down at Euston to the tube. There was an escalator. A TFL lady helped me. Then at Waterloo there is about 15 steps to get from the underground to the next level where the lift is. Two very friendly London commuters helped me with the pram. Very grateful for nice people.

The last leg of our journey was a direct train from Waterloo. About 20 minutes from home our train stopped due to some fault on the track. The carriage we were in had just 2 people in and lots of floor space so I let Scarlett crawl around the floor for a bit. We got off the train finally. And then we were home!!!

We had a brilliant trip even if it was long as assholes and I had a banging headache when we got back. Nothing a little paracemtol and a good nights sleep couldn’t fix.

Wednesday I put Scarlett in her cot sat up playing whilst I did some stuff and caught her stood up. Even though we moved the mattress down 1 setting after we caught her stood up last time. She’s a nightmare.

Thursday (today) we sorted out the downstairs. We cleared out the fireplace (we don’t use it so it was filled with junk) and mom screwed the fire guard on to the wall incase Scarlett uses it to stand up and it topples on top of her. Now it’s secure it won’t move if she does try. And she probably will because she’s a monkey!

She got caught going in Nana’s fireplace. All of her grandchildren have touched it at one point, just out of curiosity. My child decided to grab the metal bar at the front and lick it. Yum lol

My birthday is in a week. I’m going to do my annoying daily countdown on here like I normally do. So today is “1 week to go”. Brett isn’t coming down until next Friday so he technically misses my birthday but he’s still here for the weekend, and be party. Which is fine. I want to spend my birthday going up the London eye with Scarlett so I’ll just take her on my own now. I don’t mind.

We are visiting a nursery tomorrow and going in to my work for our monthly visit.



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