Friday we got up. Grandad took us to town so I could run errands. Then we went to Morrison’s to meet Nan for the usual weekly shop. At 1:30pm my grandad packed the car up with groceries and drove home. We stayed so I could get Scarlett weighed. I was way off the mark in my previous post. I said she’d be 13 lb 4 oz. She was 12 lb 11 oz. She’s gained 11 ounces in 6 weeks.

Friday night I ended up having dinner with my Nan. I went home when my Nan went to work at 5 so I could feed and bath Scarlett. Then I got her in her pyjamas and at 7 my Nan picked us up on her way home. I had dinner then I fed Scarlett her bottle. She soon fell asleep and I laid her on the sofa. My Nan dropped us home at 10ish. She woke in the car briefly but I put her in the cot and she went straight back off.

Saturday we went into town with my brother. I had to pay my cheque in the bank for my tax rebate. I finally got it Friday. Then we went for lunch. After lunch I took Scarlett to soft play for the first time. She liked being able to play on the soft floor. She crawled. No joke. She crawled. Only two “steps” but she still did it. She amazes me. She’s come on so much in the last 3-4 weeks. It’s like she’s had a mental leap (which makes sense as the wonder weeks app told me she’d finished leap 5). After soft play we went to my nan’s and had dinner. Scarlett had her dinner at nan’s then Nan cooked ours. We had steak pie and mash. I bathed her and got her ready for bed then my grandad ran us home at 8:45pm. Scarlett was awake but she went straight down and was flat out by 9:15pm. She’s so good!

Today I fed Scarlett her morning bottle then I stripped my bedding and washed it. As my bed was uncovered we chilled in my moms room. She’s away. At 11am my Nan and grandad picked us and we visited my great-Nan at her home. We got back at quarter to one. I fed Scarlett then she had a nap. We had dinner then my Nan ran me up Argos so I could pick up the rucksack I had ordered then we chilled. I walked Scarlett home at 6ish. Fed her some dinner then I took her up for a bath. After she had her bath I passed her to mom so I could re-make my bed and pack our stuff for our busy 2 days away.

Trying chocolate mousse

Trying chocolate mousse

She pulled herself up to stand, from sitting, using my nan’s tshirt lol

I sorted her bottle out at 8:15pm. She drank it straight down and was flat out. I put her in the cot at 9pm and she’s been asleep since.

We are off to Watford tomorrow then we are getting a train to Birmingham and staying in a hotel so we can meet some friends Tuesday then we’ll make our way home. I’m very excited as we are meeting people we’ve never met before but have spoken to on our pregnancy buddy group for a year now. It’s a facebook group so we live video, have swapped our personal facebooks and we know each other very well. One girl I’m meeting Tuesday, her daughter was born 2 hours after Scarlett. So that’ll be nice, for the #birthdaybuddies to meet, finally.

I’m in bed watching tele and missing Brett. I only saw him 2 weeks ago but it feels longer.

Period is officially 25 days late now. Hormones are so out of whack. I have my first ever smear test on Wednesday. It’s a “welcome to being 25” haha



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