2 weeks to go

Tuesday we did her milestone update for sitting up. She can do it so well now. She sits for ages just playing and then she just leans forward into a crawl position so she is on her front. It’s brilliant watching her learn new things.

Wednesday my moms friend (who is also Scarlett’s godmother) looked after her whilst I went to the cinema to watch Jason Bourne. It wasn’t a bad movie but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Matt Damon was looking a bit sexy ;)

Today I was going to get her weighed but we didn’t get up from our morning nap in time. We went at my nan’s at lunch time. We ended up staying for dinner. We went home and Scarlett had was due dinner so I fed her and bathed her by 6pm. She had a decent nap then we watched the first half of Emmerdale then I fed her her last bottle. She went up to bed at 8ish but didn’t settle much before 9pm. These teeth are doing her in. She keeps growling at things before aggressively biting them. My poor baby girl.

It’s my birthday in 2 weeks today!!!!!

I want a Fitbit for my birthday but I think I may wait till I get my tax rebate and treat myself. I may just ask for some money for my birthday so I can treat myself to a haircut and having my nails done for my party.

Tomorrow we are headed to town as I need to get the decorations for my party. I also need to run a few errands then I am going to get her weighed, finally. She was weighed 6 weeks ago and weighed 12 lb exactly. I reckon she’ll be around 13 lb 6 oz.

I’m in bed watching Extant season 2.



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