27 weeks

My 2 days without Scarlett were strange but I did enjoy having a bit of the old “pre-baby” freedom.

Friday I woke up at 6am to take some pain medication. The pain was so bad. Once it kicked in I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up till 11:30am. I went shopping with my Nan to pick up some stuff for Scarlett such as nappies, baby milk and wipes etc.

Saturday morning, 1am, I phoned 111 regarding the pain in my mouth and they sent my details to the emergency dental team. They called me at 8:30am for an appointment so at 9:45am I got seen. They said it was infected so they prescribed antibiotics. I popped to sainsburys to get them from the chemist. Whilst I waited I had a look around then I picked them up. Grandad and I were headed to the cinema to watch Star Trek Beyond so I went to his and we left for the film. It was pretty good. After the cinema we went back to my nan’s. I stayed for a cup of tea then I went home as Scarlett was being dropped at 4ish.

My stepmom and the kids turned up with Scarlett. We unloaded all her stuff and then they left. I said thanks for having her. She was excited to see me. I had missed her. More than I thought I possible.

Saturday night after Scarlett went to bed my bro and I decided on takeout pizza for dinner. Mom was finishing at 9 so we planned to have our pizza when she got in. But she ended up having to work all night so we just fed ourselves then I went to bed.

Sunday mom, Scarlett and me went for dinner at the restaurant my brother works at. We had a nice meal and then went home.

Today Scarlett is 27 weeks old. She is so cheeky. I put her in her cot for safe keeping whilst I had a wee and brushed my teeth this morning. I went to check on her after I made her bottle she was on her knees holding on to the side of the cot trying to grab her curtains lol

She’s so naughty and cheeky. I definitely need eyes in the back of my head in the future.

She’s definitely trying to crawl more now. It’s crazy now quickly she’s trying new things.

We went food shopping and she sat in the trolley again. She loves it. She can be nosey and look around.

She’s been super upset the last couple of days. I think she’s seriously teething now. I just hope the tooth hurries up and comes through soon.

It’s August. Like seriously? It’s August? My birthday is 17 days away!!!!

I’m in bed watching The Good Witch series. I love it.

Scarlett’s been in bed since 8:15pm. I’m heading off myself soon.



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