Her first sleepover


Brett looked after Scarlett whilst mom and I went to town. We had some lunch and I ran some errands. The same ones I should’ve done Monday lol he’s so good with her. I’m so lucky.

Watching tele together

My two loves

Dinner time

Maybe too many bubbles?

How cute!?!?

He fed her dinner and did bath time. I think he put too much bubble bath in lol he had a bath with her. First time ever.


We stayed in all day. Neither of us felt like doing much. My jaw was in agony and I had no need to go out. We dropped him off at the train station at 4ish then went to Morrison’s. Scarlett sat in the trolley seat for the first time. Usually she lays on the reclined seats. She looked so grown up but at the same time she looked too small to be able to sit up like that. But she IS 6 months so I shouldn’t be surprised I guess. Where’s my baby gone?

After Morrison’s we went to McDonald’s for dinner. I haven’t eaten a McDonald’s in ages. It was a struggle eating but I managed as I only had a chicken burger and chips. The chips were easy to eat as they’re easily mushed lol hardly any chewing required!! We went home and I fed Scarlett, bathed her and after her final bottle she was in bed by 8:30pm. I packed her stuff for her overnight stay at my dads for 2 nights. I put in 3 outfits (one spare) as well as spare vests, socks and then some sleep suits for bedtime. I also put in a full pack of nappies and a newly opened tin of milk. They’re bringing her home Saturday.

Thursday (today):

Today we got up at 7am. I fed her and then we went back to sleep. I was going to get her weighed but we didn’t get back up till almost 9:30 and the clinic runs 9:30 till 11 and we weren’t dressed etc so I figured I’d leave it till next week. We went to my nan’s for lunch and a cup of tea. We headed back as my dad was picking her up at 3pm. He got to us at 3:30pm and I had luckily just finished feeding her. I explained to him what her schedule is and it was wrote down for him. He loaded all her stuff in the car then we put her in. I said my goodbyes and then he drove off. I was shattered. The pain I’ve been gritting my teeth through had got the better of me so I went upstairs and laid down. When I woke up later I got some pictures sent to me. Clearly she’s missing me lol

I had put that shirt on especially for the trip and my dad said he loved the shirt. It was a bit big because I got it in 6-9m but it was wearable.

They told me she did really well and was in bed asleep by 8:30pm. I’m so pleased that she’s so happy and settled. I’m glad we decided to do this. 6 months we made it with no overnight stays anywhere and barely any day time babysitting needed. So I’m quite pleased with us. However now we do need to let her socialise a little as she’ll have no choice in 9 weeks when I’m back at work and she’s in nursery 5 mornings a week.

I’m going to play my iPhone games for a bit then I’m headed to bed.



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