6 months or 26 weeks


I got up with Scarlett in the morning. I fed her and got her back asleep. When she woke up after that morning nap mom took over so I could catch up some sleep. I think I got about 90 minutes. My jaw ached so I was keeping the meds topped up. It was my moms friend’s birthday (who I get on with) so we popped in to her work to give her presents and cards. Obviously we took Scarlett with us.

We got home and decided to go to the pub for a few hours. I managed to eat some cheesy garlic bread. It took me 30 minutes though lol you don’t realise how taxing chewing is on your jaw.

After the pub we went home for dinner. I had steak pie and chips. It was fairly manageable. I know my limits with what I can and can’t eat.

I finally watched Transporter: Refuelled. I had tried to watch it at the cinema last year when it came out but I never ended up watching it. It’s not a bad film.


We had Sunday dinner at my nan’s house. Like normal. Tried to get Scarlett to nap before dinner as she was tired but she only managed half hour. My aunt showed up with her kids for dinner, after we’d eaten. She didn’t stay long. She ate dinner then pudding then left.

I finally decided what I want for my birthday. I want a Fitbit. The Fitbit blaze seems the best choice for me. It’s about £160 so I may just ask for money gifts and then buy it myself with the money.


Today my gorgeous little princess is 6 months old but also 26 weeks. This makes her EXACTLY half a year. Half a year she’s been here. How!?!?! It’s mad. She is sitting up better but still not a pro. She tries to crawl. She grabs everything. Has an obsession with necklaces. She looks like she’s teething some days because of the drooling and biting her finger but no teeth yet. She’s still in 3-6m clothes (some are still big) and still in size 3 nappies. She shouts a lot and if you ignore her she has perfected her fake cough lol

We didn’t do a lot today. I had errands to do but we just didn’t do them. The only thing we achieved was visiting a nursery locally. It seemed nice and the price wasn’t too mad either. I have one other to visit then I’ll make a decision.

Brett got the train down at 7:30ish and was at mine by 9pm. Mom picked him up and I made her take Scarlett with her as she was awake and I knew she’d want to see him. She went mad when she saw him. It took me a while to get her to drink her bedtime bottle and go to sleep lol she gets so excited around him. She loves him!

Not sure when he’s going home. Wednesday evening I think. I’m just glad he’s here. I’ve missed him. More than he’ll ever know. He’s my man crush every day.

It is 3am. I should sleep. My jaw hurts but that seems to be a constant now even with the combo of pills so I’m getting use to it lol



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