They removed 2

So Scarlett woke up at 6:40am this morning. I had been up since 6am sorting myself out for my operation today. I heard her stir when I was brushing my teeth etc. I walked past her open door and just saw 2 eyes peeping. Mom was already up and ready for action as she was taking over when I left. I gave her a cuddle. Scarlett I mean, not my mom. Then I got my stuff together and my grandad picked me up just before 7am.

We arrived in good time. I entered the Day Surgery Unit and gave my name to reception. She said have a seat. I sat with a bunch of other patients for 10-15 minutes then 8 of us were called to follow the nurse. We were given our assigned beds. Ironically I was in bay 2 but when the first nurse came round with all the paperwork for me to read and sign, she told me I was first on the list. Yay me!

I spoke to a nurse, an anaesthetist and a dental nurse then finally the surgeon. They had no worries about me. I’m in generally good health. They all agreed it was best to remove the other wisdom tooth (the one I had had infection in) seeing as I was already being knocked out.

My sexy gown

I was wheeled down to the room before theatre at 8:30am where they put ECG stickers on me, put a canula in my hand and gave me an oxygen mask. They asked me about my daughter (we spoke about her during the rounds) so I told them about Scarlett. They said “we are just giving you something that’ll make you feel a bit hazy but it’s just to pre-empt the anaesthetic”. I felt it go in. It was weird. Like I’d had a glass of wine. Then they said they’d do the anaesthetic. There was no counting down. I was talking then nothing. Next thing I know, I woke up in recovery crying lol apparently that’s normal. I know it is, I had surgery when I was 17 and same thing happened then.

My mouth was so swollen. And surprisingly a bit sore even though I was numb. I still had the gauze in. They gave me a bit of morphine which made me feel sick but it took the edge of the pain then I was wheeled back to my bay on DSU.

After the op. I look as bad as I did after my c-section lol

So ready to go home

I was left to come round properly, slowly, and in my own time, with water to be sipped then I was checked half hour later. The gauze was removed. Then they offered more pain medication. The nurse checked my theatre notes. I had already been given IV paracetamol, morphine and some form of anti-inflammatory so all she could offer was Tramdol or Codeine. I’m not allergic as such to codeine but my stomach didn’t react well when I took it once before in hospital and she said if I opted for Tramdol then I’d have to stay in for a few extra hours. I said no thanks and she said what about an ice pack? So we opted for that. Tbh it was my jaw that ached and the ice helped a bit.

She left me for 10 minutes then came back and said to swing my legs round to the side of the bed and stand down off the bed when ready then if I’m okay I can get dressed. I was a little shaky but okay. So I got dressed and then hopped back up on the bed to continue with the ice pack.

They called mom and she drove to pick me up. They gave me my discharge form, went through the aftercare leaflet and then gave me a few spare gauzes in case I need them. Mom couldn’t find a parking space, didn’t want to park somewhere and get a fine plus she couldn’t leave Scarlett in the car either so she phoned me. I spoke to the nurse and she said no worries I’ll walk you out. So we walked out and she waved when I got in the car.

Mom said Scarlett had been asleep in the car when she got out to greet me but as soon as I got in she woke up and grinned at me. She’d missed me. My heart felt so full when she did that. I’d missed her. I had the stupid irrational “what’ll happen if something goes wrong and I die?” thoughts beforehand. Not excessively. Like I didn’t think or believe I would lol I just had a thought. I should probably write out a will stipulating what I want in the case of my early death (I.e before my baby girl is an adult).

Anyway, I felt queasy from the general anaesthetic and the morphine and what does Scarlett do? She has a nice big stinky shit. And we still had 25 minutes to get anywhere to change it.

We had no paracetamol or ibuprofen in the house (and the hospital sent me away with nothing) so we stopped at Morrison’s. Mom changed her nappy and I had a quick wee (all the water I’d had) then we grabbed some stuff and went home. I cuddled Scarlett on the sofa whilst mom quickly hoovered then I took some meds and went to bed. I slept for nearly 4 hours. I felt so renewed when I woke. But also hungry. I took more meds at 7pm then I had some soup and fresh soft bread. It was manageable. After I had Scarlett on my lap. She was tired and fell asleep then when she woke I fed her her bedtime bottle then took her up to bed. She was asleep by 9:15pm. She’d had a busy day with her nanny lol

I just chilled watching some tele then I came up to bed. I took some more meds at 11pm but tbh it’s the jaw that aches, as well as my tongue so if I can keep them at bay for a few days, I should be okay.

I think my damn period is finally showing up now. I bet I’ll be on when I wake up. I’m happy it’s come because I track them and I like to know what’s going on and it’s 10 days late. I think the stress of the operation delayed it. It wasn’t anything else. I hate when my periods are sporadic. Too unpredictable. I prefer knowing when it’s coming. I’m hoping when I get the coil fitted (next month) it’ll stop all them issues. I’m hoping to have it in for 2 years. Scarlett will 2.5 when its removed and then assuming Brett and I are living together, we should be ready to have a baby then. Or at least start trying. I want to enjoy our relationship as just us 3 for a while. Scarlett will be older so bit more manageable if we have a child at that age gap. But we’ll see what happens. I have fertility issues so it could take us a while to conceive anyway. But that’s in the future so I’m not worrying about it now.

I’m finally sleepy now (after my nap earlier).



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