Screaming baby

Yesterday we had to wait in for a parcel as well as our meeting with a lady from my local church. I wanted to discuss a possible christening for Scarlett. Unfortunately the lady forgot to ask for my address (and I never even noticed) so she emailed me at 12:40 saying she needed my address but the office was closing at 1 so if I didn’t reply before that then she wouldn’t make the meet at 2:30. I didn’t see the email till 1:45 lol so we’ve rearranged. I’m not entirely sold on the idea of having her christened because I’m not christened myself and I personally don’t believe in any of it so I feel a bit hypocritical getting her christened. We’ll see how I feel after I speak to them at the meeting.

So we stayed in all day. Had dinner, bath and then she got in bed. She woke up properly at 1:30am for the first time in 5 months. She never even woke in the night when she had her injections. I thought she’d settle but at 2am she started crying so made her a 4oz bottle thinking she’d drink maybe half at most. She downed 3.5oz then went straight back to sleep. So I put her back in her cot.

She slept till 6:15am this morning. Had another 3oz then slept till 8ish. She was doing well today. She was happy after having 2x 1 hour naps but towards the late afternoon she started crying and getting herself all worked up. She had a very late nap at 7ish because she was screaming and then she kind of just passed out in my arms. She slept for an hour. I bathed her and got her up to my bed for her last bottle at 9ish but she went into a hysterical screaming fit. With bursts of crying in between. I stripped her to her nappy as she was making herself hot and then I gave her Calpol, teething powder and gel. She fell asleep so I put her in her cot at 10pm. She woke up crying at 10:30 so I figured she must be hungry now so I gave her the bottle and she drank 3oz and passed out so I put her back in her bed at 10:45. Hopefully she’ll stay there aslee all night. Bless her.

She was fine when my dad popped in on his lunch hour for a cup of tea. She was happy as anything. We were talking about me going back to work and I said someone made a comment about how spoilt she is because she was whinging when I went to put her down. But at the time she was actually hungry and I only wanted to put her down so I could make her bottle. But the comment pissed me off because when you’re pregnant every fucker says they can’t wait to meet baby and help out and babysit. But when it comes to it, no one offers. Not that I would let most of the people babysit. I only trust my parents, my grandparents and Brett. I said to him that it took me weeks for my mom to agree to watch her so I could have 3 hours to myself at the cinema. And my dad said she’s always welcome at theirs if I’m happy to let her stay for a weekend. I was surprised but pleased. I’m not desperate to palm her off. It’s not like that at all. But I think we need to spend a little time apart for both of our sanities. She’ll have no choice but to get use to other people when she’s in nursery 5 mornings a week so if I start getting a little bit of separation from her now, it won’t be so sudden to her in September. I’m apprehensive about her staying there for 2 nights and the first night I’ll probably be a mess lol but it’ll be good for us both. We chose next weekend for it. I dunno what I’ll spend my baby-free weekend doing lol freedom freedom freedom lol god I’ll miss her!!!!

So I have my operation tomorrow. I have to be up by no later than 6:30am as I’m being picked up at 7am. I’m nil-by-mouth from 6am so I’ve set my alert for 6am so I can have a big glass of water (letter says I need a glass of clear fluid at 6am then nothing after) then I’ll sort myself out for the day. I’ll get Scarlett’s stuff together so mom knows where everything is.

I’m not looking forward to it but it needs to be done. I’m laid in bed with a bit of a headache but I’ve ran out of paracetamol so I’ll just drink some more fluids and go to sleep.


Ps. I so totally hope she doesn’t wake again tonight. She needs the sleep. And so do I lol


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