Heatwave motherfuckers

So. We are literally melting it seems.

It’s currently 1:15am Wednesday. I have not been to sleep yet because I am literally sweating out of every orafice and I cannot cope. You wouldn’t believe that I was born in the height of summer, would ya?

We got the paddling pool out today. I went to my nan’s house for lunch. I ate then fed Scarlett and after she had a nice nap we got into our swim stuff then sat in the pool for an hour. It was nice as the water was cool and there was a lovely breeze.

I walked her home and after another bottle we got sorted and walked to the Hungry Horse pub for dinner, with my mom. Girls evening out. I couldn’t drink because of the antibiotics but mom could so she had one and I had a coke. We ate dinner then we walked home.

It’s tooooooooo hot. Scarlett had a bottle then I put her down. She’s so good really. I count my blessing every day that she’s not a needy child. She transitioned into a cot bed from a Moses basket superbly. I couldn’t ask for anything else. She’s just so fab.

I can’t believe I have my operation in just over 2 days. It’s mad!! I’m not looking forward to it. It sounds horrendous. Plus I have to be away from Scarlett for half a day, maybe longer. I hate that!

I’m currently laid on my bed, on my duvet with a cold flannel on me. I’m rolling it all over me so when the fan blows it’ll feel nice and cool. For like 5 minutes. Then I’ll melt again!



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