Another Sunday

Well Saturday I managed to wrangle an emergency dentist appointment for 9:45am so I walked to my nan’s to drop Scarlett off then my grandad dropped me in town. I got seen straight away. Dentist says it looks infected so she cleaned under the gum (barely even blinked at that because the pain was not much more than normal). Then she prescribed antibiotics. Problem solved. Ish. So I popped to sainsburys to put my prescription in and whilst waiting around I had a wander. They were doing 2 for £4 on a bunch of baby clothes so I got Scarlett a load of 6-9m stuff. She’ll probably fit in it when she’s a year old lol my antibiotics were ready so I picked them up and jumped on the bus. Overall I only left Scarlett for an hour. I need to start spending more time apart from her. Not because I need the space but because it’s healthy for both of us. She needs to socialise with others and get use to seeing me less as she’ll have no choice when I’m back at work in October!!!

So we stayed at nan’s all day and I ended up having dinner. Whilst we were eating she started whinging for her dinner so I sat her on my knee and was squeezing the inside out of my chips for her to eat. My Nan gave her some tomato juice from her plate. Once we finished I sorted her dinner then she had a bath. Once she was in her pyjamas we went home.

She is so good. I put her down for bed after her bottle and got in the bath. I watched her on the monitor for only 10 minutes before she nodded off. I finished in the bath and got into bed to watch some Netflix. They’ve created a series of the film franchise Scream so I’ve started watching that. Not entirely sure it’s the best thing to watch so late lol

Today Scarlett woke up at 7:45am. Lovely lay in. We went to my nan’s for a lovely roast beef. The sun came out so we sat in the garden for a bit. Nan did Scarlett some more dinners. She loves them.

We came home and Scarlett was tired so we napped a little. I fed her her dinner (a fresh one from today) then she had a bath because she was messy!!! After her bath she was tired and it wasn’t bedtime nor was she hungry so we laid down and had a nice half hour nap then we went downstairs. I fed her her last bottle for the day and put her down. She wouldn’t settle so I changed her nappy and gave her some teething gel and we went straight down. I love watching her sleep.

I’m in bed watching more scream episodes. I’m tired but it’s getting good.

Brett and I had a row yesterday. It was something silly but it didn’t feel like it at he time. We made up today. Thankfully. I hate it when we fight. And it doesn’t help that my feelings are exacerbated by the fact that I’m in agony with my tooth, I’m tired because of it and I’m also due on my period. Not a great combo lol

Been typing this whilst watching the Scream series. It’s finished now. It wasn’t that bad. I already knew “who dunnit” but was still fun watching it all unfold.

I’m off to sleep now lol it’s late. It’s 1am.



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