25 weeks

Wow it’s hot today. Feel like I might melt. We went into town with my mom and brother for lunch then my brother went off to have his haircut. Mom and I left and she dropped us at nan’s. I stayed there till almost 6 because Scarlett decided she didn’t want her bottle at 4:30, she wanted only 2oz of it and then a nap. She slept for 45 minutes.

When I got home I finally fed her the remainder of her bottle. Then she had a little play in her walker before whinging on and off for an hour. She fell asleep at 7:30 on me which made me super hot lol she woke up at 8 so we jumped in the bath together. We climbed into my bed for her final bottle but she just fussed and didn’t drink much. I managed to get her to calm down and in to her bed by 9:30pm. She soon nodded off because she was exhausted.

She is 25 weeks today!!! Her newest trick is trying to crawl. She goes up on her hands and knees then lurches herself forward towards whatever she wants to grab. It’s hilarious.

She’s just so happy and gorgeous. I still marvel over the fact that I made her and that she’s my daughter.

I’m up watching Scream series 2 now. It’s too hot to sleep!!!



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