Omg today has been one of them mad days where I kind of wished I hadn’t woke up lol

Firstly I phoned my dentist for an emergency appointment because the pain in my tooth has gotten so bad. They got me one for 10:15am. I called my grandad and asked if he’d mind running me up there for it. He said no problem. I walked to his house for 10. I got there and said do you need me to put the car seat in for you? He replies he doesn’t know where it is! Turns out it’s still in my nan’s car from last Friday. Epic fail. Had to phone up the dentist and explain my predicament. They didn’t have any other appointments for today so they said phone up Monday morning and they’ll give me another emergency one.

So I had rushed around for nothing. Scarlett was asleep so I left her be. At 11 we got the bus to town. I popped in to wilkinsons for a drink and then we waited for the bus to my work. I made her bottle up but she was too distracted by people at work to drink it lol

Today I actually sat down with my manager (she was holding Scarlett who surprisingly didn’t cry) as she wanted to know when I was coming back etc. I told her my return date is 5th September. She said with the 8 bank holidays added on (that have occurred since I’ve been off) that’ll have me back on September 15th. I’m away till 16th so she said with 2 days holidays that brings me back on Monday 19th (which is what I had already worked out) but then she surprised me when I said could I use any holiday to add on the end and she said yes why don’t you take 2 weeks holiday (I have 5 weeks to take before year end) and have your start date for October but as you’ll be on payroll from the 5th you’ll have a month of your own wages. Use the month to get Scarlett use to nursery etc and get yourself back in the working head space etc. She wants me to come in one day in the two weeks before in back in October to see what’s going on, talk about what I expect and what she expects etc. As much as I didn’t want to come back to that job, for the foreseeable I may stick with it because it’s best the devil you know. I’ve worked that I can put Scarlett in nursery 8-12. My Nan can pick her up. She’ll have her till mom finishes, either 1:30 or 2:30 then when I finish at 5, mom will pick me up from work and I’ll take over. I earn just under £20K so I’ll get half my childcare costs paid for me so that’ll help. So pleased I worked it out. Been screwing it over in my head for months now and getting anxious about it. Just need to find a nursery I like now lol

Mom picked us up from my work at 1:30 and we went to town for a quick bite then she dropped me at the cinema. I watched the Legend of Tarzan, finally. I loved it. I love Alexander Skarsgård. He use to be my cover banner on here but now it’s Scarlett.

I created a facebook page for my blog because I’ve been approached by a company who want me to write a few articles a week on their platform for them and I figured I should have my own space, for my personal blog. Check it here and click like:

After the cinema I got the bus home then I fed Scarlett her dinner, bathed her then we ate our dinner before I gave her her last bottle for the night. At 9pm I put her down in her cot and she fell asleep within’ 20 minutes. I’m so proud of my little toothless baldie lol

Not much planned tomorrow or Sunday. Wish I could see Brett but I don’t think he’s down until next weekend, maybe the one after. Not sure. We haven’t discussed it. He’s working more now so it’s all dependent on that now.

I’m in bed watching a film on E4 and enjoying a cider. I’m hoping it’ll take an edge of the toothache I’m experiencing. I’m usually so good with pain but this is just grating on my soul. I’d rather have another c-section than toothache. That’s how bad it is!!!!


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