So on Tuesday I reserved two stair gate extenders as the stair gates I bought were sort by a few inches. No issue. The stair gates came from Amazon but I decided to get the extenders from Argos. I reserved them. The next day my mom drove me in to town so I could nip in and pick them up. We did not expect to be gone long so she waited in the car with Scarlett. I was in there an hour. They had a problem with my reservation (which at this point I had paid for). They managed to get me 1 of the extenders. They gave me a refund for the second one then gave me a reservation for another one, which they said they’d order in from another branch for the next day but the reservation would be valid for 2 days. So I said okay and went home. Bit pissed about it but fair play, they had technical issues or whatever.

So I left it Wednesday as it was raining and I was suppose to go cinema. Mom was sick so I changed cinema to Friday as I didn’t feel it was fair to leave Scarlett with her when she’s not well.

Today I got the bus in to town. Primarily to go to rhyme time at the library but also to pick up the extenders from Argos. We missed rhyme time because Scarlett he fussed from 9am and didn’t go back down for a nap until 1pm which is when I’d have normally gotten her dressed and ready to go. So I had to wait for her to wake up. We didn’t get on the bus till 2 . So I went to Argos and somehow they’ve managed to cancel the reservation. Another fuck up! So they ordered it to be delivered to my house FREE OF CHARGE (damn straight) for tonight between 7-10pm. It arrived at 8:30pm. So not too bad.

After Argos I popped into The Works book store for some more reading material. Then I met my mom for lunch then she dropped me at my Nan’s house for an hour. I walked home at 5ish. Scarlett had a decent nap and didn’t wake till about about 6:45. So I fed her dinner then she had a bath. She was knackered by the time we’d finished bath time and come downstairs so I made her her last bottle and she drank all 5oz and was sleepy. I took her up to bed and laid her down. I have my new baby monitor (it was £69 down to £33 on Amazon so I primed it). I put that on and came downstairs. Took about 20 minutes for her to drop off but she didn’t whinge or cry. She just chewed her teddy a bit then she settled to sleep. So proud of her!

I’m watching some tele downstairs but once I’ve had a snack (I’m hungry) then I’m heading upstairs.

I have had toothache for a week. I’m good with pain but I’ve had to crack out the meds. I thought it was just a typical wisdom tooth flare up (and ironically NOT the tooth they’re removing next week) so I ignored it but I’m worried I may have an infection in the gum as the pain has gotten worse. My gum looks inflamed around where the tooth has erupted through gum a few years ago. Not sure whether to get emergency doctor or try dentist. I doubt my dentist will have any appointments available.



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