24 weeks

I am so incredibly proud of Scarlett. She put herself to bed tonight. I made her a bottle after she’d had a bath. She drank 2oz then fell asleep at 7. She woke up at 8. Had half hour play in her walker then drank the remaining 3oz of her 5oz bottle then she sat on my lap watching tele. No fidgeting to stand up. Just sat cuddling me with one arm, fixed on the tele. So I thought okay maybe you’ll go to bed now. So I took her upstairs and laid her in her cot, lights off, mobile on and teddy by her side. This was 9pm. I came back downstairs to tidy up. TV was off so I could very clearly hear the mobile music. It went on for about 3 minutes then it went off. No whinging from her. No noise. I finished what I was doing, grabbed my stuff and headed upstairs. I checked her at 9:30pm and she was flat out fast asleep. I’m so proud of her. 

She’s 24 weeks today!!!!

She can:

Laugh, fake cough, stand up with help, sit up for 10 seconds, roll like a pro, bring her knees underneath her as if to crawl, shout, take her dummy out and put it back in.

She likes:

Being in her walker, listening to me singing, playing with her Sophie la Giraffe, doing row the boat, having a bath, walking up my body (finds it hiliarous).

She dislikes:

Have her cream put on after bath, laying down, sitting up (prefers to stand), 

Her favourites:

Song: Wind the bobbin up, 3 little men

Toys: Sophie la Giraffe, Nuby teething keys

TV show: Curious George

Person: Mama, Nanny, Brett

We have no plans for this week as such. We may pop in to my work on Friday but it’s not set in stone. I’m going to the cinema on Wednesday afternoon. Mom is babysitting. I’m going to watch The Legend of Tarzan. Primarily going to look at Alexander Skarsgård naked ;)

I’m knackered. I’ve not slept well since she’s gone in her own room. I miss her lol



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