Big girl bed


Had my pre-op assessment at 10:45am. Mom watched Scarlett for me. My grandad picked me up at 9:30am and we headed to the hospital. I got there at 10ish. I was mega early but after us getting stuck in traffic the last time we came here, and me almost being late, I didn’t want to chance it. Luckily they weren’t busy and I ended up being seen sooner. I got out at 11am and mom picked me up.

The breathable cot bumpers had come for Scarlett’s cot. As I had already cleared it out and put a fresh sheet on it, I decided she could try it out for the night. If she wasn’t ready I’d know pretty soon as she just wouldn’t settle.

So she had dinner at my nan’s house as we were there for dinner then I bathed her and got her ready for bed. We went home and I settled her for the night. She fell asleep so I laid her in her cot. She stirred twice. She only whinged slightly. No crying. I simply went in and packed her back and she settled just fine. This was at about 9pm and she slept just fine till 8am. I went in to say Hi when I heard she was awake and she was on her front. She gave me the biggest cheesiest grin I’ve ever seen.

She kept turning from each side just because she could lol

As you can see. She was pleased with herself.

Today (Sunday):

We had Sunday lunch at nan’s house. Stayed there until tea time so I fed Scarlett her lovely homemade roast dinner (minus roasted potatoes, hers are mashed, and minus a Yorkshire pud). She loved it. We went home, I bathed her and got her a bottle sorted then we watched the Euro final between Portugal and France. Portugal one in the last 30 minutes of extra time. Shame. I had rooted for France!

She’s in her big girl bed tonight again. Took longer to settle her to sleep as she was fighting it in my arms due to teething, 5 month leap and just pure baby stubbornness lol she went to bed at 10pm. I’ve checked her a few times and the first time she was up the other end of the cot on her front. I moved her down a bit.

I’m going to finish catching up with season 3 of The Originals.



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