23 weeks


We stayed in all day. We had a massively lazy day. I fed her and bathed the.  I got her in pyjamas then I ate my dinner before we set off for the train station. We were on the train by 7:05pm. It was sunny when we got off the train at Hackbridge but within a few minutes of walking it started hammering with rain. I ended up soaked from head to toe. Knickers and bra were wet. Awesome!


The weather was rubbish until about 4pm. The sun suddenly started shining so we got out in the garden for a few hours after being cooped up all day.

I suddenly came down with diarrhoea. I felt a bit dicky before we ate dinner then afterwards I felt all hot and like I was going to throw up. Luckily it had passed by the morning.


Brett’s mom did a lovely roast dinner. Roast chicken. Scarlett was napping when we sat down to eat. I’m glad because I like to eat my meals with 2 hands and most the time I eat with 1 hand so it made a nice change lol we were originally going home Sunday but we changed our minds. We played Fifa on his PS4 and we played UFC 2. I suck at both. But it was fun playing. Scarlett was sat between my legs at one point (she had been napping) but she kept grabbing my controller making me lose even more!

Today (Monday):

Scarlett didn’t wake up till 10am. Brett’s mom washed my clothes from Friday as I hadn’t planned on the extra day so I had ran out of clean underwear and trousers lol we had lunch, I fed Scarlett then collected all our crap up then we headed out. Brett walked us to the train station. I’m glad he did as some suspicious looking guy was harassing people for money. Apparently he was “homeless” but then I overheard him on the phone to someone saying “okay I’ll be home soon”. Homeless are you? Sure. That’s why you have a brand new phone is it. He had the newest iPhone from what I could see. I would’ve felt really intimidated if he had approached me whilst I was alone with Scarlett. Luckily he didn’t plus Brett was there anyway. We got on the train at 3:05pm and mom picked us up at the other end.

We got home. I sorted out stuff out and then fed her, bathed her and then I had dinner. Got her to sleep. Remembered just before bed that I hadn’t done her weekly picture so I snapped a quick one of her in her pyjamas lol

23 weeks day | she definitely laughs now. It’s distinguishable. She also fake coughs at you when you ignore her. I’m trying to get her up sit up better. It’s hilarious watching her try as she face-plants the bed a lot lol

I have no plans for the rest of the week except Thursday. We are doing rhyme time again. Weather is meant to be fairly warm. I ordered her a bath seat today which should come by Wednesday. She’s going to love it. 



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