End of June


We went out for dinner. My brother, my grandparents, Scarlett and myself. We went to the harvester. We had a nice meal. I went back to my nan’s after for a few hours then I went home.


Scarlett was 22 weeks. It’s mad to think that I had a scan when I was 22 weeks pregnant and now she’s 22 weeks old. She has officially started laughing now so we did the usual milestone sticker. She’s so cheeky sometimes. We went in to town with my mom then we had dinner at my nan’s. She did a cheeky roast haha


I had to wait in for a parcel. It was nice being lazy with Scarlett. We stayed “in bed” until 2pm but obviously we was up early-ish. The parcel didn’t arrive until 2:30pm. I don’t think we went anywhere afterwards because it was raining. Hard.


We desperately needed some food so mom and I went to Morrison’s for some groceries. We stopped for lunch first as we were both starving. Scarlett sat in the high chair (that they provide) with us. She looked so grown up. I had to exchanged 2 packs of size 2 nappies for size 3. Girl is growing lol

I got her a few toys from Amazon. She got a 4 piece music set. It’s got things to shake etc. And I got her a toy “phone”. It plays music. She chews it lol stops her from trying to chew my iPhone.

Thursday (today):

We were going to go to rhyme time at 2:15pm but it was rubbish outside and I got half way to my nan’s (bus is near there) and decided to give it a miss. I didn’t face jumping on the bus and that. I’ve had a on/off headache for 4 days so figured we’d chill. So went to nan’s. I ate lunch. Scarlett was fine but she started getting really fussy and she screamed a lot whilst I was on the phone to a friend. Which I never do as I have hardly any friends so chatting on the phone was a big deal and I love the friend I spoke to. We get on great. Her daughter is gorgeous. She’s just over 2 weeks younger than Scarlett. I can’t wait to meet up with them again. Will be more fun now they’re older. We met when they were so young. Scarlett was 8 weeks old, so my friends baby must’ve been 6 weeks old. Mad!

It’s July tomorrow. What the actual fuck? Where has this year gone. They weren’t lying when they said the first year of a babies life goes so quickly. It really does!

It’s my birthday in 48 days (so just under 7 weeks).

I’m having an operation to remove one of my wisdom teeth on July 22nd. I’m not looking forward to it. Not many things worry or scary me. Having an emergency caesarian after 2 days of induced labour was traumatic at the time but not scary. I’d rather go through that again than go under and have this tooth out but the pain I’ve had with it over the years – it has to go!

We are off to Brett’s tomorrow evening. I can’t wait. I miss him. I’ve been feeling a bit down over the fact that I’ve got to go back to work in 9 weeks and I just have no idea how I’m meant to work full time and pay out for full time childcare. It’s just not possible. I need a cuddle from my man. Which is rare. Because I don’t cuddle. But I need one!

Scarlett is in bed asleep. Has been since 9ish. I had a bath and then caught up with today’s episode of The Magicians.

I’m off to sleep. If I can. Can’t seem to nod off early lately.



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