5 months

So the results for the EU referendum are in. I voted out. So did a lot of family and friends. And the winner was:


There you have it. 51.9% of the country (who actually voted) voted to leave the EU. Changes take effect slowly and we don’t or won’t fully leave till 2018 I don’t think.

Anyway, lots of people on my facebook were getting proper arsy and wrote a lot of passive aggressive statuses. Plus a lot claimed that people who voted to leave were morons, racist and cunts. So I wrote a wonderful status in reply because I can:

“Not sure people understand what a democracy is. The number of statuses I’ve seen in uproar over the outcome of the EU referendum just amuses me. Why get so arsy. Someone had to win. It could only go 1 of 2 ways. And just because it wasn’t what you voted doesn’t mean the people who voted against your choice are stupid, ignorant, morons, racist, small minded, ill informed or anthing I’ve seen today. Just stfu and accept what’s happened. It is what it is.

Ps. I voted out. #ByeFelicia”

Safe to say I got a lot of “likes” and people saying “yes that’s so true. It’s a debate. Someone will win, someone will lose. That’s how it works”. Cracked me up laughing the whole thing.

Friday I went and got Scarlett weighed. Last time she was 11 lb 2 oz. And this time she was, as I predicted, exactly 12 lbs. Hey, at least her growth is consistent lol for her height she is in the 50th centile so she’s long but petite lol

She usually has a 30-40 minute nap at 5pm-ish but Friday she slept for a solid 2 hours. I knew she wouldn’t then be tired at her usual bed time of 8ish. I decided to feed her her dinner, bath her, got her in her pyjamas then bunged a coat on her. Strapped her in her pram then off we walked to my nan’s. It was almost 8pm and still light out. We stayed for a few hours. Then we went home and she went straight to sleep.

Today my princess is 5 months old.

Exactly 5 months ago I was in recovery after a traumatic 2 days of labour followed by an emergency caesarian. It was hard getting her here and my pregnancy was very turbulent with hospital stays but it was totally worth it. She is such a good girl. She’s cheeky and so smiley. She rolls like a pro now. Squawks and shouts. Her teeth have been bothering her for a while but she doesn’t let it get her down. She loves her monkey teddy from Monkey World. She started giggling a few weeks ago and I love it.

We did some prints today using my new ink pads. It was hard work because she was awake and I was doing it alone. But we managed something resembling hand and foot prints lol

One hand and foot always comes out better. But never mind. Can always try again another day.

We are at my nan’s today. We came for lunch and are currently watching the Switzerland V Poland match. Score is currently 1-1 lol



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