21 weeks

I forgot to say on Sunday that I ordered Scarlett a Sophie the Giraffe. It came Sunday afternoon. She’s not overly bothered by it but she will chew it if I give it to her, which is the whole point.

Monday Scarlett was 21 weeks old. It’s crazy to think that 21 weeks ago I had just had her and now she’s this moving, chatty little thing.

Monday we did go in to town in the end. I got a few random bits including a lovely red spotty dress for Scarlett. As you can see below she doesn’t mind her Sophie.

Tuesday we visited our Nana’s house and I had dinner there. Scarlett wore her new GAP romper that my dad and step-mom brought her from Portsmouth at the beginning of the month.

Wednesday (yesterday) she tried out her walker for the first time. I bought it Sunday online. It was only £25 and it has two options. Wheels or static. It’s currently static as she’s too little to be wheeling it around my house lol

That isn’t what you are meant to do

Today is the day to vote on whether Britain should leave the EU. It’s the referendum. I’m voting. I’m voting to leave. But in my own personal opinion I’m not convinced it matters too much who votes for what because parliament still have the deciding say as they vote anyway so even if Leave win the voting today, we may not even leave. Plus it takes like 2 years to come into affect. You can’t just up and leave the EU in one day lol

I went to vote at 5pm on my way home from my nan’s house and was told the polling station I went to wasn’t the one that does my road. It use to be. Didn’t realise it had changed. So at 8:30pm mom took me in the car to the right one so we both could vote.

Tomorrow I’m getting little bub weighed. She was 11 lb 2 oz when she was weighed 4 weeks ago. I reckon she’ll be 12lb exactly but we’ll see. Maybe all the food she’s had has helped her gain slightly more. I’m not worried if it hasn’t. She’s doing fine as she is. Her legs a definitely chunkier now.

She is 5 months on Saturday. Where does the time go!!!



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