Father’s Day 2016

Tuesday we went to Monkey world. It was fun. The weather was mostly okay. It got really windy in places. We took lots of photos and saw a lot of different monkeys. We stopped in the outdoor café for lunch. We had a drink and a hotdog. The hotdogs were huge. We had a great day. When we got back I fed Scarlett then bathed her.

Monkey World

Momentos for Scarlett’s memory box

On baby duty so I could play bingo

Bingo started at 6 so I left her with Brett so mom, me and Nan could play bingo whilst my grandad had a drink with us. After bingo was done we went back to the caravan and we had dinner. Nan had done a steak pie so we had that with new potatoes.

Wednesday we hopped on a bus into Weymouth seaside town centre. We went up the Jurassic Tower to see the 360 degree view of the coast and the sea. It was brilliant. After the tower we walked to a Wetherspoons for lunch. I had a hotdog and chips. After lunch we took a slow walk down the coast to Sealife. We wandered around Sealife looking at all the creatures. We had our pictures taken and Brett and I both went on a water ride. Not the best idea as it wasn’t that warm but we did it anyway.

Up the Jurassic Tower

Sealife Centre

Our Sealife pictures

We didn’t go to the club house that night. I had a nice hot shower instead and chilled.
Thursday we decided to take Scarlett swimming. Just Brett and I. It was the first time he had been with us. After swimming we had some lunch then in the mid-afternoon we took a stroll to Cowleaze Cove nearby to see the beach, look at the shops and then come back for dinner. It started raining so we quickly left but I got soaked. Scarlett was okay. She was toasty and dry in her pram under the rain cover lol

We had fish and chips for dinner. Well I didn’t. I had saveloy and chips. Mom had fish for a change. She usually wouldn’t because she’s not a fan of fish but she fancied some so her and Nan shared some cod.

Friday I got up with Scarlett. I gave her a 5oz bottle. She wolfed that down. I fed myself then I gave her some breakfast to tide her over on the journey home. We left at 10am. We stopped about an hour from home for some lunch and I fed her again then we set off for home again. It was great to finally be home again. Brett stayed over as he planned to go home Saturday.

Saturday I got up with Scarlett at 7am. Fed her 5oz then she had a 2 hour nap so I joined her then she had her porridge for breakfast. I took her downstairs and she played on her play mat whilst I ate my breakfast and watched some tele. Brett came down at 12. I offered him lunch at 1. He said no so I made myself some. He spent the afternoon with her and we watched back-to-back episodes of Monkey Life. My mom dropped him at the train station at 5ish. We then had some dinner and afterwards she dropped me at my nan’s as she was going out herself. I stayed there for the evening. I fed her dinner then bathed Scarlett in my nan’s sink for the first time. She quite enjoyed it. Then I gave her her last bottle for the night and she had a little snooze.

My two loves

Today is Father’s Day. Brett may not be Scarlett’s “real” dad but he deserves the title regardless. He’s the one who loves and protects her. She looks up to him. She loves him. In her heart he is her dad. I’m thankful he accepted her as his own and I love him more because of it. I can’t wait to see him with any children of our own, if we are blessed to have any. But until then, he and her are my family and that’s enough.

Want to shoutout to MY dad. We may not see each other as often as we’d like but I appreciate that when I need him, he’s always there. And now he’s there for Scarlett too.

Today we had a lazy morning. Then we got dressed and went to my nan’s for Sunday dinner. She had babysat the twins last night (which I knew because I had been at hers last night) so they were there. We all had dinner. Including my aunt and her 3 other kids plus my mom and brother.

Scarlett hasn’t had half as much milk today whereas yesterday she had 21oz plus breakfast and dinner food. She totally varies which is really annoying lol

I’m thinking I might pop in to town tomorrow with her. Have a mama and daughter lunch date. We need to return our library books so that’s as good excuse as any.

She was in her own bed tonight like usual, from 8:30 but at 11:30 (so like 15 minutes ago) she woke up crying. I think it’s her teeth. She had real tears so she’s in my bed now. I do love co-sleeping with my princess but she’s going to go in her own room next month as I think I disturb her sleep when I’m in my room at night watching tele. I watched the new version of The Fantastic Four tonight. It’s not bad I guess.

Scarlett is 21 weeks tomorrow and 5 months officially on Saturday (25th).



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