20 weeks

Today (Tuesday) I was suppose to have some “me time” and go to an advanced screening of Mother’s Day but the cinema had a water leak and electrical problem so it was shut. I didn’t find out till I got there lol my “me time” ended up me putting Scarlett to bed.

Wednesday was my little brother’s 13th birthday. Can’t believe he is w teenager now.

I had my dental consultation. They’re putting me on the waiting list to have the wisdom tooth removed. I’m not overly keen about it because the leaflet I got made it sound horrendous but it has to go, it’s impacted and causes lots of pain.

She’s started rolling very consistently now. She rolled from back to front and then after some tummy time she effectively rolled back on to her back. Can’t leave her unattended now lol 
Brett and I had a row last night (Thursday) over Scarlett’s biological dad. I had sent Brett a screenshot of the message I had sent him a few weeks ago that had been read but not replied to. Meaning he’s seen my facebook messages and probably snooped through my facebook but has still chosen not to get in contact and potentially meet his daughter. It set Brett off because he just hates her dad (even though he’s never met him) and hates the fact that no matter how much he tries to be, he’s never be her “actual dad”. But he is her dad. He’s been there since early on, and he’ll continue to be there (hopefully) for the rest of her life. She’ll only ever know him as her dad and until she’s old enough to understand, she’ll not know any different. When she learns to speak she’ll be calling him daddy and he’ll teach her things. And when she we give her a sibling, he’ll raise them both as his and they’ll never need know the difference. Because at the end of the day he loves her. She loves him. I love them both. Simple! (If only)
Anyways, we made up this morning and I went to Morrison’s to get some last minute bits for the holiday. He said he would get the train down tomorrow.

Saturday we didn’t do a lot today. I tidied up stuff, did some last minute washing then I finished packing our stuff for the holiday. Brett got the train down at 9ish. It was good to see him.
Today (Sunday) Brett and I had dinner at my nan’s house then we went back to mine. We sorted Scarlett out and I had her bathed and ready for bed by 7:30pm. I said to Brett about showering together. In some weird way it would be, or was meant to be, just some simple alone time. We ended up sitting in the bath together talking and laughing for ages. It was oddly romantic. Then we somehow managed to have sex in the bath before standing up to shower and wash our hair (mostly mine as his is very short) before getting out. Mom was watching Scarlett. Which consists of her laying on my moms bed watching tele till she falls asleep haha
This morning (Monday) mom woke us up with a McDonald’s breakfast then after I had fed Scarlett and was dressed we got all out stuff ready and in the car. We drove to my nan’s house and once everything was loaded properly, we left. We stopped for lunch about 45 minutes away from our destination. We had McDonald’s lol it was easier than trying to find a nice pub/restaurant lol

Her first time in a caravan

We arrived at 4ish. We unloaded then we put Scarlett in the pram and took a wander down to the beach to see what’s about. It started to rain so we grabbed some chips and walked back to the caravan. Once Scarlett was in bed we relaxed. Brett watched a film and I laid in our bed playing on my iPad. My signal is crap but I make do. Everyone else went to bed. We managed to have great but quiet sex before rolling over and going to sleep.

Scarlett is 20 weeks today. 20 WEEKS!!! I can’t believe that. Feels like only yesterday I had my emergency scan at 7 weeks (which was actually June 9th, 2015)

Tomorrow we are headed to Monkey World. I can’t wait. I love it.



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