Friday (27th) Scarlett had her third lot of jabs. She should’ve had them the week before, when she was 16 weeks but I had had to reschedule. She did not like them whatsoever. She screeched like never before. We got a lift to Morrison’s at lunch and I had something to eat before going next door to the baby clinic. I had little miss weighed and she’s gone from 10 lb 4 oz to 11 lb 2 oz. I guessed that weight because her pattern seems to be that she gains 2oz shy of 1 lb. At least she is still gaining, just slowly. I didn’t tell the health visitors that I’m weaning her lol they’ll just have a fit and say I’m silly because nowadays it’s “wait till they’re 6 months”.

I had a rough night with her after her vaccinations. In fact, most the weekend she was perpetually grumpy.

Saturday early evening we went to the pub. We sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine. Mom and I had a mix N match dinner. I only had 2 drinks but I felt a bit tipsy lol I hadn’t eat all day though. What we ate at the pub was ALL I had eaten.

Sunday we had a lovely roast dinner at nan’s house. You can’t beat a Nana’s roast dinner. Scarlett had her first taste of roast dinner. She seemed to like it.

Monday it was rubbish weather. Fancy that. Nan did dinner again as it was a bank holiday. My uncles wife had dinner too, with my two cousins Elsie and Macey. It was my step-moms birthday so I wished her happy birthday.

Tuesday I woke up feeling like utter shit. My nose was blocked, my throat was sore and I kept coughing every now and then. I felt so drained. In the evening Brett decided last minute to come and visit. So he got on the train at 10pm. My brother went to the train station to meet him. He got to ours at midnight. We didn’t get into bed till 1am then we had a catchup and before we knew it, it was 4am. Just as we was settling to go to sleep Scarlett woke up. I settled her then I went to sleep. She woke up at 7am. I’d had 2 hours sleep. I was so tired. So I sorted her out with a feed then we got 2 hours sleep. She woke at 10am. Brett took her downstairs at half 10ish so I could nap. I didn’t fall asleep till 12ish. Woke up at 2pm. He fed her twice in that time and dressed her etc. I’m so lucky to have him. He’s really good to me and her. And I should always remember that when I’m ever mad at him. When I was up and dressed we went into town. We had a late lunch and I got my little brother’s their birthday cards then we went home.

I love having him around. I feel our relationship would be much better if we lived together. I love how he is with Scarlett. She is all smiles for him and chats away to him. It makes my heart swell so much, it’s crazy!

We watched a film in my moms room so we didn’t disturb Scarlett with the tele on. We laid on her bed watching Kung Fu Panda 2. He was feeding me skittles but only the flavours I like. Every now and then his hand would appear in front me, I would open my mouth and he’d drop some skittles in. It was weirdly romantic.

Today Scarlett woke up at 6ish. I fed her then she went back to sleep for a bit. I watched Monkey Life as I couldn’t go back to sleep. She’s awake again so I’ve put something on the tele for her. She was just watching Ben & Holly. Brett is going home today I think. I had thought of inviting him to my dad’s house tomorrow (as I am visiting) but I think my dad would moan. He doesn’t like it when I change or alter our plans.

I’ve finally got a doctors appointment for next week to discuss contraception. So far we’ve just been using condoms but religiously! We had 1 mishap about 5 weeks ago where the condom broke and I had to go down to the chemist for the morning after pill. I’m well aware of the fact that I could get pregnant (assuming Scarlett’s conception wasn’t a total fluke)  and we don’t want a baby till we’ve been together at least a year. I have said I’d like to try for one once we’ve move in together and Scarlett is 1.5-2 years old.

Scarlett has an appointment for today at 11:30am to look at her skin plus I want her leg looked at. She’s had a lump since her vaccinations on Friday.

Hopefully going to go back down for a nap now as she’s rubbing her face. So I’m going to join her. Brett is in my bed asleep. We are in my moms as she’s at work.



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