4 months

My bub was 4 months yesterday. Wow time flies when you’re having fun.

She is consistently having a jar of food a day. I give her half at lunch and half at dinner. So far she likes carrot and potato, mixed vegetables and anything with banana in it. She isn’t keen on apple and blueberry.

Yesterday was also the day that I first found out I was pregnant. A year ago I peed on a stick and my life changed. Them two faint lines. I just couldn’t believe it. I had to go out the next day and buy a better test. Which was positive, again.

Monday we didn’t get up to a lot. I watched a film called “Trainwreck” and tbh it was like watching my life on-screen lol I will have to make Brett watch it!

Tuesday we went to my nan’s house and had dinner. She did a roast chicken.

Wednesday afternoon we popped over to my aunt’s house. Her car is broke so she hasn’t been over to visit for ages and she really wanted to see Scarlett again. The twins came home from school whilst we were there and Frank wanted to hold Scarlett. After we left we went home and chilled. I watched a film called “Two Night Stand”. It was pretty good. Very funny.

Today we had a lazy morning. Then after lunch mom picked us up and we went to Next to pick up something I had ordered for Scarlett. Jelly shoes!!!!!! They are for our holiday but I wanted to try them on her now.

IMG_8782After we finished at Next (and I had wandered around the kids section) we stopped by a lady’s house to pick up a second-hand bumbo for £5. I bought it from a buy and sell app I have. I have bought a few things off there now. I got her cot mobile from there a few weeks ago.

We got on holiday in 18 days. Basically 2 weeks on Monday. I can’t wait. It is Scarlett’s first holiday. We are going to Weymouth. So it isn’t an abroad holiday. I will take her abroad either October/November or I will take her February, after her birthday.

I am just trying to fix an issue with my online account with Vodafone. Wish me luck!



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