New Week

We had a bit of an awkward weekend. As I mentioned in my previous post: Brett got told an hour before we arrived that a member of his family, who has been sick for a while, has taken a turn for the worst. So he spent a lot of the weekend visiting that family member. Which is totally understandable. And I was fine with that, obvs. But it made me feel really awkward rattling around his house by my lonesome. Not quite lonesome as such, as his foster brother was there too but he is 12 and doesn’t know me so he was in his room playing PS3 the entire time. So I basically had Brett’s house to myself and that was just plain weird.

Saturday Brett went to visit his sick family member again. He left at 1ish. I made myself a sandwich then I grabbed his house key and off we went to the park. I walked around a bit, fed Scarlett whilst watching the ducks fighting the swans and geese. I let her sit on my lap and nose around. She quite enjoyed watching the birds on the water. It started to rain at about 4 so we headed back. I stuck the tele on and we hanged out. She started getting tired for her usual 5pm nap so I took her into Brett’s room and we laid on his bed for a bit. She slept for maybe half hour or so. Brett came back and said he would sort dinner. He took Scarlett up for a bath then I watched her whilst he had a shower. Then he watched her whilst I had a shower. I got her to sleep after a feed and she was laid on his bed flat out. He didn’t end up sorting dinner till 9pm. I was starving as I had lunch 8 hours ago!! Scarlett woke up whilst we was eating and it took an hour to get her back to sleep. Once she was off we watched a film. It was pretty good. It was called The Sweeney. We got into bed and were both asleep about an hour later. I was knackered, I needed the sleep.

Sunday (today) Scarlett woke up just before 7am. I left her in the pram top whilst I sorted her bottle. I could hear her proper crying. I knew Brett wouldn’t ignore her but she was still screaming so I went to in to pick her up. He had picked her up and was trying to soothe her but she just was not having any of it. I finished sorting her bottle and he fed her. She only drank a few ounces then she fell asleep. We put her back in her bed then we made the most of her sleeping and his morning glory lol then we both went back to sleep.


My two loves

She woke up again at 11ish so I grabbed her and took her to the kitchen with me so I could make her bottle. I didn’t want her to wake Brett up. He likes his sleep and he been up with her at 7am for a change. So I let him sleep. I sorted her and then we sat in the lounge. Brett’s mom took her whilst I had some toast then I got her dressed. She needed a nap so I let her sleep. She wanted a feed and I wanted it out of the way before we had dinner then left for the train so at half 2 I fed her 4oz. Then we ate our roast dinner. I collected all our stuff from around Brett’s house then he walked us to the train station.

She started to get really grumpy on the train from Clapham to Home. She was tired and it WAS 5pm so she wanted her usual nap. So I cuddled her and she fell asleep 20 minutes before we got off. Mom picked us up and she woke up in the car. I knew she was due a feed so I gave her 1/4 of the mixed vegetables jar then bathed her then gave her 5oz. She drank all 5oz then she fell asleep. Laid on my chest. She has not done that in weeks. I enjoyed it. I laid her in her bed and within’ 15 minutes she was crying so I put her back in my bed. She settled but not to sleep. So I put on Frozen on the iPad and surprisingly she watched 3/4 of it before falling asleep. She was entranced whenever there was a song on there. She does love it when I sing to her and that is saying something because I cannot sing for shit.

She has been in her bed for about an hour or so now. I went into her room and tossed all her too-small clothes into a box for storing (for future babies). Mostly threw in newborn and 0-1 months because a lot of her 0-3 still fits but there was a small handful of 0-3. I have now moved her 3-6m stuff into her drawers so I can keep trying stuff on as some just about fits and some is too big. Different stores, different sizes. Asda’s stuff is always huge but Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s is usually a decent fit. She wore 3-6m the other day and it wasn’t too bad. The leggings were long but socks solve that problem. And the sleeves needed rolling back slightly.

I am off to sleep now as being at Brett’s always knackers me because I never sleep that good in other people’s houses.



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