Friday at the fellas

We had a pretty boring week to be honest.

Tuesday Scarlett moved on from bananas to different flavour. I tried her with Apple and Blueberry. It wasn’t as much of a hit because I think it was a bit sharp for her. She enjoyed it nonetheless.

We did the First Food milestone sticker even though technically she’s been having a bit of food for a week or more now.

Wednesday I was suppose to be meeting some of my pregnancy buddies in London but only 3 of us actually intended to go so I said to just leave it. Even though the 2 I was meeting are two of my faves. Just seemed a long trek plus turned out there was a rail strike so we would’ve had trouble meeting anyway. So we stayed in most the day but made a mad dash to my nan’s house so we could get some fresh air.

Thursday (yesterday) we popped into town in the afternoon because I promised Brett I would get him a spare charging lead. And I wanted to get Scarlett 1 more tin of milk so I had 1 unopened one at home and could take the 3/4 tin with me to Brett’s house. After town we stopped off at my nan’s house for a cuppa. I didn’t end up leaving until almost 7pm. Scarlett had a bottle, a bath and then was in bed asleep by 8:30pm.

When I was still pregnant I received a weaning wall chart and some stickers from Ella’s Kitchen. I decided to put them on Scarlett’s wall above her changing table now that she’s started eating baby food. I then decided to stick some photos on the walls too. So there’s a handful of scan pictures (photo print versions) and then some selfies of me and Scarlett etc.

Today we were suppose to be on the train to Brett’s by 11am. I was suppose to have set my alarm for 9:30am, as Scarlett woke up 7 and I wanted her to nap a bit before we went so I put her back down after her feed and I joined her like normal. Unfortunately I didn’t set the alarm for 9:30 I accidentally set it for 10:30 so we didn’t wake till then and I simply could not make the 11am train. So I fed her at 11am, got ourselves sorted but by the time I got to the bus stop to get a bus to the train station it was too late, I was going to miss the 12pm train so I stopped at my nan’s quick for some lunch whilst I wait for the 1pm train. I made the 1:15pm slower train and off we set.

Scarlett didn’t want to lay in the pram on train. She wanted to sit up and be nosey so I let her.

We got to Hackbridge and then walked through the massive park. Brett meet us at the other side (though I could have easily made it the whole way. I have google maps lol). We chilled for a bit then he left with his family to visit a sick family member. Scarlett was due her usual 5pm nap so we laid on Brett’s bed for half hour or so. When they got back we had something to eat. In the meantime I fed, changed and bathed Scarlett. We watched a bit of Sofia the First – huge hit. Then I turned the tele over to Emmerdale.

I got Scarlett to sleep at 9ish. Brett and I laid on his bed catching up. Then she woke up again so he sorted her out and got her back to sleep without having to hand her to me because she’d worked herself up so much. She did scream but he managed to calm her down. That’s a big deal. I’m really proud of him but at the same time I’m also a bit jealous because I’m so used to doing it that I miss her when I don’t have her.

He’s just sorting himself some dinner because he had a bad headache earlier so he didn’t eat when we did.

I’m quite tired because I haven’t slept that great this week. I keep either not being able to drop off till 3am or I sleep but have weird dreams which wake me up.

We’ve not got much planned tomorrow and Sunday. He’s visiting his sick relative again tomorrow so Scarlett and I will be at his on our own again for a little while. I don’t mind. I’ll just stick the TV on or get her musical book out. She really likes that.



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