16 weeks!!

Friday the boiler man came to fix it. I stayed home in the morning in case he came but he didn’t. At lunch my brother took over and I went to my nan’s so I could go food shopping with my grandparents. Scarlett quite likes sitting in the trolley now.

The weather was warm Friday and in the afternoon I sat in the garden for a little bit with Scarlett.

Saturday we went out for a meal for my mom’s birthday. My brother paid. After our meal we dropped the car home and walked round my nan’s house for a few hours.

Sunday we drove over to the photo place to pick up the prints from Scarlett’s Photoshoot 4 weeks ago. We had some lunch then we drove home. We swung past Morrison’s so I could get her some flowers and some bubbly as well as a birthday cake. We let my nan’s dog out earlier and mom put some wet washing on the line so she went back round to sort it out. We had some dinner then I put Scarlett to bed and we watched a film.

Today was my mom’s birthday. Her choice for the day was going down to Hayling Island and walking along the beach. So that’s what we did. We got up, grabbed breakfast and then left. We stopped by a house to pick up a cot mobile I had bought online. It was £10. Practically brand new because the lady said she’d hardly ever used it.
Scarlett wore her nice yellow summer dress for the trip. We had an ice cream and I fed Scarlett when we first arrived. Then we walked along the beach and looked in some seaside shops then we walked back towards the car. We carried on past and stopped in a seaside cafe for a cup of tea then we got chips. I fed Scarlett again then we looked in a few more seaside shops then we put our stuff in the car. We walked down to the sea and I let Scarlett dip her feet in the water. It was very cold and as you can see, she whipped her feet out sharpish.

We sat her in the stroller seat part of the pram today. We left the pram top at home. She quite enjoyed being able to see lol

We finished in the sea and drove back home. We picked my brother up then went to a pub on a lake and enjoyed a drink in the sunshine. It was windy though so we didn’t stay too long.

We got home and after Scarlett had a nap I fed her some more baby food. She had some whilst we was out today so I just gave her some of the same jar. It’s banana yoghurt and she seems to like it. Banana for the win!

I had my dinner then put Scarlett to bed. After my mom and brother ate their dinner, courtesy of my brothers friend who’s staying here for a while, I got her cake out the fridge so we could sing happy birthday!

I think overall my mom had a brilliant birthday. Makes up for the shit boring ones she’s had over the years.

Scarlett is 16 weeks today | I cannot believe she’s been here that long already but I simultaneously cannot believe she has only been here for 16 weeks. Feels like she’s been here forever. I love her so much.

She can/is:

  • Roll both front-to-back and back-to-front
  • Talk much more. And shout!
  • Eating small amounts of baby food jars. Banana seems to be a fave!
  • Teething like a mofo! Dribble, everywhere.

We are meeting our lovely friends in London again on Wednesday and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Friday we are hoping to visit Brett’s house again. I hate not seeing him more than just once a fortnight but one day we’ll live together and then I’ll moan I see him too much lol

I’m off to bed. (I.e. Text the BF)



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