He still loves me

Well we didn’t break up. He says I am so childish to assume that because we’d had an argument that meant “the end”. But in my defence, he told me to fuck off and not speak to him, right. And in past convos he’s told me that if we ever had an argument he’s never going to be the one to talk first. So knowing that info, I thought if he was telling me to fuck me then he didn’t want to be with me. Yes I made an assumption, but only off the back of stuff he’s said before.

Anyways. I’m still his girlfriend. Which I’m glad about because as new as this all is, I am in love with that irritating motherfucker lol

Scarlett’s teething is getting worse. She spent most of Tuesday crying on and off. We visited family so they could finally meet her and she cried when they held her. Which she never would normally do. She’s normally a very happy baby who likes meeting new people and new faces. She screamed for an hour before bed and finally settled with me so I let her sleep in my bed for the first time in a while.

Mom and I took Scarlett out today (Wednesday). The weather was warm so we went to Alice Holt country park. We walked and then had some lunch. I took Scarlett around the play area (see below) and then we stopped at nan’s house for a cuppa on our way home.

She’s been in bed asleep since 9pm. No crying tonight which was good.

We are going to Brett’s for the weekend. For the first time. I won’t lie, I’m super nervous. I haven’t really done the “meet the parents” thing in a very long time. And now it’s different because they’ve not just got to like me, they’ve got to like Scarlett. We come as a package. And I’m so nervous that they won’t like me. I dunno where that comes from because I’ve never felt like that before. I’m usually much more blasé about that sort of shit. Brett keeps saying not to worry that it’ll be fine. I hope he’s right.

It’s 2am here and I’m knackered finally so I’m going to get some sleep.



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