14 weeks

Friday I had Scarlett weighed. In 4 weeks she’s gained just under 1lb. After last time I fully expected more issues from the health visitors but they said nothing so I prompted them. They said she is following her own line on the chart consistently so not to worry. She went from 9lb 6oz at 9 weeks + to 10lb 4oz at 13 weeks +. She’s obviously just built quite petite.

Saturday I went out for breakfast with my mom. We went to whetherspoons. I had a lovely breakfast wrap. We did some shopping then I had my hair washed, cut and blow dried. We went and paid for the photos I had done 2 weeks ago. They’re fab.

Sunday my Nan wasn’t at home so we stayed indoors and had Sunday roast with mom and Jordan. Mom cooked a delicious roast beef. We chilled all day and night. Was a relaxing Sunday.

Today we went round my nan’s after lunch as she was cooking a bank holiday roast dinner. We ate and I stayed for a bit with Scarlett. I washed up. Fed her. Then we left in the late afternoon.

I decided to try out the live video feature on facebook today. So I gave Scarlett a bath then turned it on during our usual after-bath routine etc. It was so weird chatting to the camera but it’s cool you can stream what you’re up to and it doesn’t hog your phone memory with the videos lol

Scarlett went to bed at 9ish. She’s in my bed still because when I laid her in her cot she cried. I thought she was flat out but she wasn’t so she woke straight up lol little minx.

I think Brett and I have broken up. He got crazy mad at me over something really silly. And it wasn’t even like I’d actually done anything wrong. But he got super pissed, told me to “fuck off”, and when I replied back about not speaking to me like that, he said “why you still messaging me” so I just replied with the universal answer that means I’m so NOT ok but okay – “K” and that was that.

He’s got until Friday (when I’m meant to get the train to his and stay over) and if he hasn’t messaged me to apologise etc then I’m going to block and delete his number. I refuse to be spoken to like that and be the one to say sorry. I didn’t do anything. Fuck him !!!

I’m in bed. Might go sleep soon. Got a proper banging headache. Probably the stress!



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