3 months & 13 weeks

So Scarlett is 3 months old today (going by the “25th” of each month as a marker). She is also 13 weeks today.

We did our usual milestone stickers. 13 weeks she been here!!!

She can/is:

  • Teething – majorly sucks
  • Tries to sit up when you hold her hands
  • Roll but hasn’t done it since the beginning of the month
  • Giggle – she giggles a lot!

She hates/dislikes:

  • Her hands touched – she pulls them away if you touch them
  • Being laid down unless sleepy – she has to be upright and nosing around

She is going to be weighed this week. Finally. It’s been a long month ever since I changed her milk over. She refused point blank to drink it to start with so I had to slowly wean her over. Even slowly weaning caused obvious digestive issues. She had runny poos when she was getting more of the thinner milk but eventually it levelled out. She still only takes a maximum of 18oz in a day but hopefully she’ll have gained a decent amount. If not then I’m open to their suggestions because their last one clearly didn’t work lol

I go this weekend to pick up the rest of her Photoshoot we did at 12 weeks. Some of the photos were so cute I think I’ll have a hard time choosing which ones I like.

Don’t have a lot planned this week. Wednesday is payday so I’m going to pop into town and stock up on some bits for Scarlett. Such as milk, nappies etc so I don’t run out later in the month. Friday she’s getting weighed. Might get my haircut Friday too. Depends if they can fit me in before the weigh-in clinic. If not we’ll have to go afterwards. It desperately needs doing. Hasn’t been done since New Year’s Eve!



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