12 weeks

Thursday I didn’t get up to much. Scarlett was grumpy due to teething so the most we did was visit my Nan for a cup of tea.

Friday I had a baby massage with Scarlett booked but we woke up quite late and then it was hammering it down with rain when we had to leave so I decided not to go. They phoned and I made out I’d forgotten. Normally I wouldn’t lie but I thought they’d be annoyed. She said to come to next weeks and she’ll catch us up.

I sat Scarlett in the bumbo seat. She looked really grown up. She didn’t sit in it for more than a minute. Just so I could snap a picture.

Saturday I had a Photoshoot booked for me and Scarlett at Mothercare. I didn’t want pictures of my bushy eyebrows so we got a lift to town so I could have breakfast then I had my eyebrows threaded. They look much better now. We got on the train at 12ish and then mom picked us up to take us to the shoot.

The photos were great. We had to wait over an hour to have a proper look through them though which was annoying. We eventually had a look and have asked for the proofs to be emailed so I can chose what package deal I would like. Scarlett is so photogenic. She’s gorgeous and cheeky. She was very well behaved at the shoot and kept smiling for the lady.

Sunday we went up the old folks home to visit the old dear. She had a hold of Scarlett. Then we had dinner at nan’s house. My aunt came with some of her kids. Frank had a hold of Scarlett. He always wants to hold her. He loves her lol

They left and shortly afterwards mom and I left.

Today my baby girl is 12 weeks old. I cannot believe she’s been here that long.

She still sleeps through the night. We’ve ceased co-sleeping since last week when Brett stayed over. She’s been fine with the Moses Basket which is a relief. She coos so much more and always has a nice big gummy smile. She is teething. Her poor gums are red raw and she’s always stuffing her fists in her mouth. 

We sorted her room out today and put the stickers on her walls. I’ve only had 9 months of pregnancy and 3 months since she was born to get my ass in gear and do it lol they’re nice stickers. She’s got a matching duvet set!!

I decided to see if she’d settle in her cot so I laid her down for a nap. She settled with no muss no fuss and was out like light. She’s such a good girl. I love her so much it’s hard

All weekend Brett and I have fallen out. Whether it be something he said, something I said. Either way we’ve fallen out and got pissy at each other. It came to blows tonight and I told him that I thought we should just call it a day. It started because he was being off with me so I said I’d leave him to it and to message me when he’s not likely to bite my head off. He basically said fine do it. So then I got annoyed because he started being rude. I deleted him of facebook and was going to just say to him we should just leave it as it is – a good overnight stay and that’s it. But thankfully we reconciled. We do like each other. Too much. And we are both scared we are going to get hurt or that it won’t work out. I’m scared I’ll fall for him good and proper. Last time I fell like that I ended up hitting my head good and hard. I don’t ever want to feel the way I did after Ben and I broke up.Anyway he is coming back to visit me and Scarlett on Friday. It’s his birthday Thursday so I definitely need to get him a card of sorts asap lol

It is my brothers birthday tomorrow. He’s going to be 21. It sucks I can’t afford to treat him but as soon as I can, I will.

TTFN x  


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