Date time!

Monday night I couldn’t sleep. Probably due to the extra caffeine and the excitement at meeting my date Tuesday.

Scarlett and I got the bus to town in the morning and I enjoyed a lovely McDonald’s breakfast. We had a wander and popped into the tattoo parlour to see my brother. He’s had a tattoo for Scarlett done. It’s brilliant!!! I really want to get mine done soon.

When my “date” got to the train station he called me so I walked to meet him. My brother tagged along lol which was fine.

He was exactly how he is on the phone and video chat etc. We walked back into town from the station whilst chatting etc. I had eaten breakfast and was stuffed so we just wandered. We got the bus to my house and we just chilled. We put a film on whilst Scarlett had a nap. We both liked the film already and knew every word so it was like an unspoken competition who could say the most lines lol I bathed Scarlett at 7:30pm. She had her last feed at 8:30pm then I snuggled her till she was asleep. I put her in the Moses Basket for the night. We stuck a film on. We watched Knocked Up. We love that film it’s so funny. It’s not a great movie to fool around to though because there’s a lot of weird references to pregnancy and some are just not appropriate to sexy time lol we was up all night talking. We didn’t shut up and lay down properly till gone 3am. #58

We hadn’t planned for him I stay. It was last minute. He was going to get the train home at like 8:30pm but ended up staying. My mom said it was fine as long as I was fine with it. Of course I was. He’s a great guy.

Wednesday Scarlett woke up at 6:30am. I fed her then got her back to sleep after she laid just yabbering away for a bit. She went back in the Moses Basket. He had woke up by then. I said about going back to sleep as I was shattered but it didn’t happen… I never can sleep in the day. It’s too light. Scarlett woke back up at 9am so I dressed her then fed her again. We spent the day chilling at home. In the afternoon my mom said she was going to my nan’s house so I said I didn’t fancy it because I was knackered so she took Scarlett with her for an hour. I needed a nap for definite this time lol so I sorted out the washing for my mom then I got in bed. Only managed to “relax” not sleep because of the brightness of the daylight but it was better than nothing.

Mom came back with Scarlett and I had cuddles because I missed her. It was only about an hour but I missed her. She’s never gone out the house without me in her short 11 weeks. I sorted me and my date some dinner then at 7ish my mom dropped him at the station on her way out.

He messaged me when he was on the train and we both agreed we wanted to spend more time together. We just need to figure out when.

It’s his birthday next week. He’ll be 24. So I think I’ll grab him a card but nothing more so it’s not like too weird. If I got him something he would probably be thinking “oh my god she’s a bit keen we’ve only known each other a little bit and she’s buying me shit”. My birthday is in August. If we are still seeing each other then then he can buy me something small and it would be okay because we’d have known each other months by then lol

I bathed Scarlett and then fed her. She didn’t drink much. She doesn’t seem to drink a lot for her age and I do worry still. I may take her back to the baby clinic Friday and explain she’s drinking less now than she did before.

I’m shattered so I’m going to switch my phone off in a second and get some kip.



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