11 weeks

Holy mother of fucks, my girl is 11 weeks old today. I don’t know why that makes me so surprised. 11 weeks is no more special than any other week. I just feel like she’s no longer “new”. She’s almost 3 whole months. It’s crazy!

So today I met my long time friend Simon. We picked him up from the station as it was raining and I didn’t want to get Scarlett out in the rain. We went into town and had lunch. We had BurgerKing. It was nice meeting him finally and it was great just chatting. I fed Scarlett whilst we were still in BurgerKing. We wandered around for a bit then we went our separate ways.

I got the bus to nan’s house and spent a bit of time there before I ended up having dinner. We had steak pie and mash.

I am meeting a guy tomorrow that I’ve been chatting to on FaceTime and text and calls etc. He’s 23, from London and we get on so well. I hope we get on in real life as well as on the phone lol



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