10am lie in

So Monday my gorgeous little princess was 10 weeks old. I can’t believe she’s been here 10 whole weeks already.

She likes:

  • Sleeping with her mama
  • When I sing to her
  • Laying on her change mat looking at around

She can:

  • Suck on her hands/thumb
  • Respond better to sounds
  • Coo much better and more often
  • Roll – altho she’s only done it twice

She is getting teeth. I’ve noticed she’s been chewing everything that goes near her mouth and she’s drooling excessively. She was not drooling before but now it’s all she does. Also she seems to be really warm especially at nighttime and often just sleep in along sleeved vest. I also believe her teething could be the cause of the nighttime crying she started doing.

Tuesday we had lunch with mom when she finished work then Nan said she was cooking dinner so we also had dinner out. We hardly ever eat at home nowadays and yet the crocks still pile up in the sink. Go figure?

Wednesday I decided we’d get our asses up after her first feed and we’d get dressed then hop on the train. So that’s what we did. She woke up at 9ish so I fed her, dressed her and myself then we were off. We got to Basingstoke at 11:30ish and I was starving so I spotted KFC and thought “fuck it, it’s almost lunch”. So I got myself some lunch and settled us in a lovely corner in the seating area. After I ate I got her bottle ready and she had a feed 12:30pm. Once she was fed and settled back in the pram we set off for the shops. I spent £42 in Primark!!! I got her lots of 6-9m and 9-12m bits but I did get a few 0-3m bits for now, including 2 pairs of shoes. I can’t help it, they were just so cute. Also, she’s so little she’ll still be wearing 0-3m for another 6 weeks or more I reckon.

After Primark I popped into the bank as my mom had asked me to put some money in her account. Then we stopped at The Works book store. I got her 3 baby sensory books and myself a new Carole Matthews book. All in all we had a good few hours. We got back on the train and were back to nan’s house by 2:45pm which is when I fed her again.

My friend from work came round after dinner. I made her a cuppa while she had cuddle with Scarlett. She told me some sad news. The lady who’s covering my role, whilst I’m on maternity, is off with compassionate leave because her son died when his motorbike collided with a car. Strangely it was the crash I had heard about. But as there’s lots of crashes in my local area, I didn’t even think it would be anyone I knew. It’s very sad. He was only in his early 20s.

She left quite late and I gave Scarlett a bath then when when was settled asleep in bed I got in the bath myself. After I had a nice long bath I got into bed myself.

Today she didn’t wake me up till 10am. I couldn’t believe it either. We had a power cut in the night because when I woke up my bedside clock was flashing. She had her feed then I for myself sorted and our stuff together then we set off for nan’s house. Nan was going to Costco when we got there so we tagged along. I got a bulk box of Lucozade. When we finished I went back to theirs and fed Scarlett then myself.

She’s asleep now in the pram and I’m in the toilet. What can I say? This is the best time for me to concentrate on something lol I am off to bingo tonight with my Nan whilst mom babysits for a few hours. I hope I win something. 



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