Off to grandad’s house

Sunday morning we got up at nan’s. I fed Scarlett then dressed her. I got myself dressed and we went downstairs. Nan was cooking dinner and we ate at 1:30ish. It was delicious.

Monday was a bank holiday and Nan was away most the day seeing my uncle so I popped in to check on the dog. As I tend to do a lot lately. Mom and I popped into town and ended up having lunch. She filled her car up and then we came home.

Tuesday I had the dentist again. I had to have a small filling. Such a hard core bitch I had it without the lidocaine injection haha I hate that stuff, I feel like I’m dribbling the few times I’ve had it so I always decline now. Fillings are nasty without numbing stuff but they’re tolerable. Bit like child birth I guess.

Mom was off Tuesday night for a change so we got in her bed, with Scarlett, and watched Blindspot. This was after I had had a bath while she watched Scarlett. After that finished we watched Insidious 3. I saw it last year at the cinema when I was pregnant but mom never saw it. At this point Scarlett was flat out for the rest of the night but she kept jumping a little because mom kept jumping and making noises (squeals) lol

When it finished we got into our bed and went to sleep.

Today we visited my dad for the day. Mom and I had a cheeky McDonald’s breakfast before she dropped us at the station. We got the train there at 10:15. At 12:30 we went to a lovely quaint pub for lunch. I had cheesy garlic bread and chunky chips. It was delicious. My dad fed Scarlett a feed and so did my stepmom. We got the train back home at 6:15 and my Nan picked us up the other end and dropped us home. My dad got me an Easter egg and Scarlett got some 3-6m outfits. She’s so spoiled. They’ll do great when we go on holiday.

I watched Emmerdale when I got in whilst feeding her then she did a massive poop so I stripped her naked and ran her a bath. She had her bath and then we both were ready for bed. I did an update on my iPad then I put a film on. I watched Man Up. Another film I saw last year while pregnant lol

Scarlett has been fast asleep since 9:30pm and I’m shattered so I’m going to join her.

I’m hoping to finally get her weighed again tomorrow, if we get up in time for the baby clinic between 9:30 and 11. We’ll see but she needs weighing.



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