Jabs & Trains

Omg she had her jabs on Monday. She screamed like she’s never done before. Broke my heart but she has to have them done. She had 2 in her right leg and 1 in her left. They also gave her a syringe in her mouth of something and she didn’t think it tasted nice. She pulled the funniest of faces. I gave her some Calpol as soon as we got back to my nan’s house, to ward off a fever. She slept after her jabs and all the way through our trip to the cemetery to lay some flowers and replant Jay’s pot on his grave. It wasn’t raining for a change. He must’ve known we were bringing the baby and decided to keep it dry for her.

She woke up when we got home and she was so unhappy. She made cries like she was in pain, her face went red and she was all hot and sweaty. I gave her more Calpol and I was naughty, I also gave her an ibuprofen solution for babies as you can give that alongside paracetamol (Calpol). She struggled to settle and didn’t want to eat. Eventually she did eat, did a massive watery poo (nurse said her poo would be loose after the oral solution she had) then she calmed down and went to sleep. She slept till 3am. I fed her, cuddled her and she calmed down to sleep again. I felt so sorry for her because she didn’t understand why, she just felt crappy.

Tuesday she was a bit shitty all day but she fed much better and by the evening she was much better. My friend from work popped by to say Hi and have a cuddle. After she left I bathed with Scarlett and we got into bed with a bottle. After that she went to sleep and that was her down for the night. I couldn’t sleep so I didn’t get to sleep till 1:30am-ish.

She woke up today at 7am. I fed her then I left her to go back to sleep. I laid in bed till 8 then I got myself something to eat. I put some makeup on and then I finally woke her up to dress her. She wasn’t impressed at first but she finally smiled haha I put her in the pram then I gathered our bags up, boiled the kettle and poured the hot water into a thermos as well as two bottles to go into bottle warmer bags. Then at 9:30 we headed off.

We got on the train to London Waterloo at 10:30. We got on the tube to Stratford and was there by 12 noon. I popped into primark and found some 9-12m tops for her and some socks (for her age now). Scarlett was hungry so I walked to John Lewis as that’s where we were meeting. I fed her there and one of the girls I was meeting was already there. I met with Chloe (and her son Miles), Nicola (and her daughter Matilda), Laurane (and her son Noah), Maria (and her son Naeem) and Hanna (and her daughter Tulip). We chatted for a while then we made our way towards to the food court. We settled for TGI Fridays. Naeem and Scarlett are birthday buddies. They were actually born on the same day. Miles is the next one, he was born February 1st, then Noah was born February 8th. Matilda was born on February 11th and finally Tulip was born on February 19th. It was fab meeting the ladies. I can’t believe how big and chunky all their babies were compared to Scarlett. She seemed so dainty compared to them. I held Matilda and Naeem. We ate and chatted then we finally said our goodbyes. Nicola, Chloe and Laurane were all getting the train same as me so all 4 of us headed together. I held Miles on the tube for a minute. He’s a chunk but he’s so squishy you just want to eat him.

After the tube Scarlett and I got the Waterloo. She was asleep so I figured I’d feed her on the train from London if she woke up. She did so I fed her half her bottle. She only drank half.

We got off the train at 7:45 and mom picked us up. Scarlett had bellyache but some gripe water and the rest of her bottle heated up seemed to push her wind through as she did a massive poop. I changed her, got her ready for bed and she’s been flat out since 11ish.

We are popping into my work tomorrow to have lunch with my colleagues. It’s so weird whenever I go back in the office. I feel like it’s been so long since I last went in but in reality it’s only been like a month or something lol

I’m knackered. I should get some sleep.




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