Wisdom teeth

Turned out that guy I mentioned in my previous post is a tad crazy. He was suppose to come over on Thursday. I told my mom (as we talk about everything) and I mentioned someone was coming over. She was going to work for 9pm so she wouldn’t meet him, I can understand no one wants to meet someone’s parents the first time they meet. However my brother was going to be home, with his friend. So from a safety point of view, I had covered my bases. Anyway, he didn’t get in touch to ask for my address and without it, he’s fucked. I was talking to my mom and she said what’s his name? So I said what it was. She asked where he’s from? So I said. She went “do you have a picture? So I showed the one on his online profile. She told me that she’s adamant she met him 6 months ago for a coffee nearby and he was very strange. She said he had a bandage on his hand and claimed he’d had an operation a few days before. It started bleeding so she said to follow her back to the house and she’d get a plaster. So she went inside, shutting the door behind her (clever girl) and when she came back out he was gone. She text him asking him why he’d left? And he replied saying he had to leave because the voices in his head were telling him to kill!!! So me and my mother have awesome taste in men.

When he finally got in touch the next day I asked him about it (didn’t mention she was my mom, I said a friend told me), he acted like he had no clue. Said he never met anyone last year, and certainly hasn’t had an operation on his hand. My mom is pretty adamant it’s the same guy. And I don’t disbelieve her. So I won’t be meeting him. What a bloody weirdo!!

So I’m officially creeped out enough that I don’t ever want to date again. Not that I had planned to meet him as a date. I said just as friends.

Friday I had the dentist. I hate my dentist. She keeps finding “decay” in my teeth. I’ve never had many issues with my teeth but since she took over as my dentist a year ago, she’s given me two fillings and told me I need to do this and do that. She’s a nightmare. On the upside, she’s re-referred me for my wisdom teeth to be removed. As you may remember the first referral ended in yhe consultant writing a letter to her basically saying she’s an idiot for referring a pregnant woman for surgery Lol so hopefully I’ll get a letter about that in the next month. I’m not looking forward to the surgery bedside I’m well aware how awful it is after but I need that tooth out.

I actually have had a wisdom tooth headache (plus ear and jaw ache) for 2 days now. Awesome!

My Nan babysat for my aunt Friday night. They were dropped off early whilst my Nan was still at work so I said I’d go to her house and give my grandad a hand. God they were naughty. When it was bedtime later on after dinner I had to physically drag Frankie out from under the dining room table. He’s a right little shit when he wants to be.

Saturday Scarlett woke up at 8am. After her feed we went back to bed. Woke up at 12:15. Fed her, got her dressed then myself then I put her on the pram whilst I tackled the washing up before we left for my nan’s house.

Tonight she has been really fussy. She cried for an hour because she had bellyache. In the end my mom took her and she finally burped and fell asleep. I hate when she’s upset and I can’t really do anything about it. She’s alright though and will sleep now till the morning.

We are having Sunday roast at nan’s tomorrow. She’s doing lamb but I don’t like it so I’m having pie with my roast potatoes lol I had planned to maybe go cinema but it’s not fair on mom for me to ask her to babysit when she’s been at work till 1:30pm. It’s a Sunday. She should be able to chill and relax.

Sometimes I feel like I burdened my mom by having a baby. Like, I never gave her a choice in the matter when I decided to keep the baby. And maybe she was right, maybe I should’ve moved out when I was pregnant. I worry that I’m a drain on her because there’s two of us to feed now and being on maternity is a major issue because I’m not bringing home any where near the same as I was before. I hate being so skint but it’s not my fault. It’s just how maternity pay is.

Reggie met Scarlett today properly. And he asked if he could hold her so I let him. He was talking to her and she was smiling. It was a really nice moment because it’s Reggie. He’s literally the child who taught me to love and want children. He’s my ReggieRoo.

Scarlett has her jabs on Monday and it’s the anniversary of my uncles death so we’ll be visiting the cemetery at some point. It’ll be Scarlett’s first time visiting. Not that she’ll remember it of course. He’s been gone 14 years!!!

Wednesday I’m getting the train to Stratford to meet some of my pregnancy buddies for lunch. It’ll be nice to meet them as we’ve been in touch for 10 months or more. Plus we can snap a nice photo of us all with our babies lol

It’s Easter next weekend. It’ll be Scarlett’s first but she won’t remember any of it, just like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s day. So I only got her a pair of bunny ears. I didn’t go all out. I can go all out next year as she’ll be a year old then. I’ll make an effort for Halloween though as she’ll be 9 months old and they do such adorable outfits lol

I’m in bed wide awake as usual and she’s flat out. Think I’ll play my game a bit then get some sleep.



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