4 nights in a row

Thursday the weather was massively rubbish. It rained ALL day. So we gave swimming a miss. I stayed indoors. We didn’t even go to my nan’s at all.

I phoned up my doctors for the blood test results and the receptionist said my file says I need to speak to a doctor so she’s arranged a phone call appointment for Monday morning.  I guess my iron IS low…

Friday the weather was much better so in the afternoon I took Scarlett swimming. She really enjoyed it but hated the “getting cold” part lol she managed 15 minutes in the water before fussing for a bottle.

I went to my nan’s after we got off the bus and we ended up staying there for dinner and then till 9pm. We had both walked round there so we had to walk home. I had 3/4 length jeans so my Nan lent me some socks that I pulled right up because it was cold outside lol Scarlett was fine. She was wrapped up and to keep the cold out we out the rain cover on the stroller lol

Today I took Scarlett to nan’s as the weather was nice again so the fresh air was good for the soul. We stayed there till dinner time so we ended up eating. I had steak pie. Mom had joined us by then.

For the last 4 nights in a row Scarlett had slept through. I’ve been giving her a bottle between 11pm and midnight then she’s been sleeping through till 7-7:30am. I thought it was a fluke initially but now it’s become routine. She eats every 2-2.5 hours in the day, and is awake more than she’s asleep, then by midnight she is ready to sleep and wakes up 7 hours later. It’s brilliant but a little weird lol I keep expecting her to wake at 3-4am so I’ve ended up waking up myself lol

I made a little collage of her first month. Using her milestone sticker pics lol she’s changed so much already and she’s only going to be 7 weeks on Monday!

She smiles so much more now and has finally started to coo!! Her nicknames so far are: Bubba, Bobblehead, Princess.

I see her dad in her a little. Primarily she is like me but there’s a bit of him in her. No one else sees it because they don’t know what he looks like. My mom met him but it was so long ago she can’t remember lol

I am going to the cinema tomorrow to watch Allegiant whilst mom babysits. I might push the boat out and get a slushy.



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