Swimming maybe

Well I managed to have a shower that night. My brother WAS awake so he said he’d listen out for her but she didn’t even stir. I managed a whole 20 minutes in the shower, including 15 minutes of it with a face mask on. It was bliss.

Sunday afternoon my mom and I went to visit my great-Nan at the old folks home as its Mother’s Day. My grandad drove us. We stayed for about an hour and had a cup of tea. She had a hold of Scarlett.  

Monday Scarlett turned 6 weeks old!!! It’s going by so quick. She’s awake a lot more in the day now but hopefully it means she’ll sleep better at night…

My Nan was due back home from her weekend away. That’s the reason we visited my great-Nan, because she was away and it was Mother’s Day. Monday was my cousins 3rd birthday. I had given her birthday card to her dad in the week.

Scarlett and I had our 6 week checkup at the doctors Monday morning. It went great and she only started to cry when he did the hip check at the end. She didn’t enjoy it and tbh neither did I. It always seems so forceful.

Tuesday we had our second health visit appointment. The lady was nice and she weighed Scarlett again. She’s now 8lb 9oz so she’s gained 2lb since birth 6 weeks ago. She also measured her length and she’s grown a bit since birth. Not sure how much because her birth length isn’t documented for some reason!!

Tuesday afternoon I had a blood test. When we had our 6 week checkup I mentioned my iron levels and whether to get them rechecked and he said to have a blood test. So it was scheduled for Tuesday. So I had that done.

Today I woke up at 7ish. Scarlett went to sleep after her feed at 11pm. She woke at 3am, shuffled closer to me then went back to sleep and woke up at 7ish. So she basically slept through the night. All day all she’s done is eat. This morning she slept but from lunch she’s been pretty much wide awake. So hopefully if she’s not slept as much this afternoon and evening then she’ll sleep most the night. Otherwise she’ll be majorly overtired tomorrow and grumpy.

We went to a party tonight. My moms friends at work arranged a party for their manager but it was a surprise. It was good fun and everyone had a hold of Scarlett whilst I was eating. We left at 9ish. I fed her at 9:30 then I had a bath at 10ish whilst mom watched her. She finally stopped fussing and fell asleep. I expect she’ll wake at about 2-3ish but I wouldn’t be surprised if she slept till 5-6ish. We’ll see.

We tried on one of the swimsuits I was given. It’s 3-6 months so it’s a bit big but it’s not too big so if the weather is nice tomorrow I may take her for her first swim. I’m quite excited to see how she’ll react as she does like a bath but swimming is different lol for starters, you aren’t naked lol

She’s laid in the Moses Basket at the moment. Makes a change as she’s usually in the bed. I’m going to try get some sleep as I’ve got a bit of a headache.



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