First smile

My princess has mastered smiling. You talk to her and she responds with a smile. Also, she’s been trying to coo. Her mouth goes like she’s trying to make noises but nothing comes out. Yet.

Wednesday my dad came round for a cup of tea. After he left Scarlett and I went back to bed as I was shattered and she was due a nap anyway. I had woke up at 5:30am to sort madam a feed and I almost passed out in the kitchen. No idea why. I felt so shaky.

Thursday I phoned up my doctors for an emergency appointment because of the weird lightheaded feeling the day before. I noticed my scar has started hurting and one side is oozing slightly. I saw the doctor and she reckons my scar isn’t infected but wants to air on the side of caution so she’s given me antibiotics anyway. She took a swab from my wound and said to phone for the results on Monday afternoon.

Friday my grandad picked us up and ran us to Morrison’s so I could put my prescription in, have a wander round then go next door to the community centre to have little miss weighed. She has only gained 10oz in 2 weeks. It’s a little bit less than she should’ve or is expected to, gain to keep an even line on her growth chart. The midwife wasn’t overly concerned but reckons I should continue to have her weighed every fortnight just to keep track of her weight.

I felt a bit deflated when I saw the line in her book with the X slightly lower than it should’ve been. I know she’s healthy. So I shouldn’t be worried but I do worry. She’s 6 weeks old on Monday and she only takes a maximum of 4oz (and that’s not very often, usually she takes 3oz) every 3 hours or so. Maybe it’s normal for her. I mean, she’s only little and maybe her stomach just isn’t ready for more than 3-4oz. She now weighs 8lb 6oz.

Friday she had a bath in the morning for a change. I caught her smiling in the bath, on camera. Mom worked Friday night so it was just me and Scarlett until Jordan got in, quite late. That happens a lot lately because mom always seems to be at work covering other people.

Today we documented her first smile with a milestone sticker and a photo. We got the bus into town as we needed to go to the bank before it closed after lunch. After we went to the bank we had a wander in and out of some shops. We walked to the photo shoot booth that was set up in aid of a few charities. For £5 you could get a hi-res picture emailed to you for your own printing and distribution online. All the proceeds go to charity. They take about 20 shots for you to choose from. Luckily Scarlett was pretty happy to lay on this soft fluffy thing and have her picture taken. None of the photos were of her smiling though. She saved the smiling for after, typical!

After her photo shoot we met mom for lunch as she’d just finished work then we went home. Scarlett was due a feed so I sorted her out then we came up for a nap.
My brother treated us to dinner tonight for Mother’s Day. My mom is working tonight and tomorrow so she said tonight would have to be our Mother’s Day celebration. Because of that, I opened the gifts my mom got me from Scarlett and she opened what I got her, as well as the card I got her that said “To Nanna on Mother’s Day”. I thought that was cute as its both our first Mother’s Day, me as a mother and her as a grandmother.

I’m toying with the idea whether to sneak a quick shower as my hair seriously needs washing. But I know that the moment I’m mid-shampoo she’ll yell and it’s late, I think my brother is asleep so I don’t want her screaming the house down as its not fair on her or my brother as he’s working at 7am tomorrow. Dunno. I prefer to shower before bed rather in the morning, especially if I’m washing my hair as I hate spending the day with wet hair lol decisions, decisions!
So far these antibiotics haven’t given me a dicky stomach but they will, most likely, these type always do. They’re penicillin ones.



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