I cut her finger!

Friday we had breakfast with nanny then we went food shopping. As per my previous post I stocked up on more milk and nappies. At lunch my dad took us out to lunch. We went to Redfields garden centre. The food there is delicious. I had a toasted cheese panini which was seeded and it was lovely. Scarlett slept through the entire trip lol I got my mom a Mother’s Day gift. A jar of 30 bath bombs. I’ll put a ribbon round them and a label to say they’re from me to make them look pretty lol

After lunch we stopped by my nan’s for a cup of tea then he left as he had to be back to pick up my siblings from school.

Saturday I dog sat at my nan’s house because she was out from the early afternoon and wasn’t due home till midnight. Mom and I had a cheeky Chinese then she went to her friends party. I got in my pyjamas and put the new episodes of Pretty Little Liars on. My grandparents got home at midnight. I was feeding Scarlett. Once she was settled I took her up to bed.

Sunday morning mom came round and we got Scarlett ready then we went into Camberley town for some food and shopping. We had some food in a cafe. Scarlett slept through it. Surprise! I picked up some items for myself as a treat using the money my Nan gave me for dogsitting. I picked up all the cards I need for March’s birthdays and events such as Mother’s Day. I also got Scarlett some bunny ears for Easter lol

We finished in Camberley and headed to Matalan but Scarlett decided she was hungry so I stayed in the car and fed her. We then drove to Farnborough town as mom wanted to look for some new work trousers. So we split up as I just wanted to wander so I went into wilkinsons, peacocks and then sainsburys. Sainsburys had a sale on. I got 6 tops, for £1.20 each and a pair of leggings the same price, for Scarlett. I also picked up another Mother’s Day gift for my mom.

We had dinner Sunday night then my mom went to work. I chilled with Scarlett as my brother was working till late.

Yesterday (technically only 34 minutes ago) was a leap year. February 29th. We didn’t get out of bed till late. I had something to eat then we went round my nan’s. She has ginger cake in her fridge and I love it. I had forgotten how much I like ginger cake.

Scarlett is 5 weeks old. I can’t believe it’s been 5 weeks since she was born. She’s changed so much in them 5 weeks already. She does look like me but I can see her father in her a little. Her eyes are still blue!! I hope they stay that way. I have blue eyes and I love it!

We left nan’s and went home to sort dinner as mom was working at 6pm. Once we ate she left. I watched some TV then at 8ish I took Scarlett up for a bath. I decided to cut her nails using the clippers for the first time. Unfortunately she moved her hand and I managed to cut, fairly deeply, her little finger. It pissed with blood, she screamed like she’s never done before and I burst into tears whilst trying to fix her. I managed to get it to stop bleeding then I successfully (surprisingly) put a plaster on her finger. Can safely say it was as hard work as defusing a bomb lol she seems fine and after the traumatising event she had her bath and got ready for bed. She had a feed then fell asleep curled up on my chest. I felt so bad about the cut but it’s just one of those things.

We went up to bed and I watched the film Leap Year because it’s a Leap Year lol I love the film. “Put it in the wash, it’ll be grand”.

We are in bed. She’s fast asleep and I’m watching Elementary. I love it.

We are going to Costco tomorrow to stock up on the essentials such as toilet roll, sugar, teabags etc.



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