A whole month!!

Sunday we had dinner and my aunt popped round to pick her daughter up so she had a cuddle with Scarlett.

Monday Scarlett was 4 weeks old. The milestone stickers don’t have one of 4 weeks, after 3 weeks it goes 1 month, 2 month and so on so I did the sticker photos today.

We had dinner at my nan’s house today. We had pie and mash.

We are going out for lunch with my dad tomorrow then hopefully to get her weighed again. Until she is 6 months I intend to have her weighed every week till she’s 12 weeks then every other week till she’s 6 months.

I haven’t got much planned this weekend coming. I get paid tomorrow so I’m going to stock up on stuff for Scarlett such as milk and nappies. Not that I’ve run out of nappies at all but whilst my maternity pay isn’t too low yet I’d rather stock up so I’m not caught short later on. I don’t need wipes. I want to get her a few more onesies. She doesn’t seem to have many. She has hundreds of vests but only a handful of onesies and they’re great for bedtime but not when you don’t have that many. I change her twice a day. At night she’ll have a clean vest on, then I put her pyjamas on which is usually a onesie or occasionally she’ll wear a long sleeved vest with some leggings and socks. In the morning she’ll have another clean vest on then her outfit, whichever I’ve picked for the day. Outfit-wise she has loads, she just needs to grow into half of them lol

There’s a film out I want to see. It’s called How To Be Single. It looks hilarious. Will have to work out with mom when to go see it as she’ll have to watch Scarlett for me.

She’s currently laid in the bed next to me, flat out snoring lol she was fussy earlier and took ages to settle but she seems okay now.

I’m going to try catch some Zz before she wakes for her feed.



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