Weigh in

Well we didn’t manage to make the weigh in clinic on Thursday. I had a bit of an up and down night with Scarlett. She couldn’t seem to settle. She woke up at 5:30am and didn’t settle till 7:30am. We were due to go to the clinic for 9:30am but given the fact she’d only been asleep since 7:30 I had no intentions of waking her up to get dressed etc. So I left her be and decided I’d get her weighed Friday at a different clinic.

So Friday lunch time my grandad picked us up so we could go food shopping with my Nan. Scarlett laid in the trolley seat (the ones designed for babies) for the first time. She quite enjoyed it. She spent most the shopping trip looking around before falling asleep. After we finished shopping my grandad packed away the shopping in his car then we removed the car seat, put Scarlett in it and put the trolley back. Nan and I took her into the clinic at 1:30pm to be weighed as it is next to the store. My Nan guessed she’d weigh 7lb 12oz. She was spot on. My little fat pants has gained 8oz since she was weighed by the health visitor last Monday (9 days previous). What a good guess.

After the weigh in we got in the car and drove to my nan’s house. I had lunch then mom picked us up. Before she picked us up I walked over to the doctors surgery to drop off her registration form. They’ve booked us in for our 6 week check. Apparently it’s not done at her 8 week jabs. That’s what the receptionist told me a few weeks ago when I got the form. So she clearly got it wrong. The lady I handed the form in to said its the same as normal. We both have a 6 week check then they’ll book her jabs in for 8 weeks. Makes sense. So we go in for the 6 week check on March 7th. I need to book her jabs in for the week commencing March 21st.

Today we stayed in bed till lunch as Scarlett spent most the night fussing again. She seemed so unsettled. I’ve no idea why as I don’t think she’s constipated or had bad gas. I guess she just needed her mama because she would only settle laid on my chest. Once she was fast asleep I laid her on the bed next to me. I couldn’t sleep myself with her laid on me. Too risky that she’d fall off if I fell asleep. We got ready and walked to my nan’s so we could get some fresh air.

We stayed there till quite late. I had my dinner there. My mom picked us up at about 7:30 then we went home. We chilled with some TV. I took her up for a bath at 8ish which she enjoyed and seemed to soothe her because as soon as she got out the bath she did a huge poop, all over her towel lol I had to clean that up before dressing her for bed. Naughty little minx!

We watched Casualty, mom and I. She fed Scarlett when she woke for a feed at 10:30ish. We watched some more TV. At midnight I took Scarlett up to bed and laid her in the Moses basket which is where she’s currently snoozing. She’ll be up for a feed at 2:30. I may stay awake as that’s only an hour from now but chances are I’ll fall asleep in a mo.

We are having dinner at my nan’s tomorrow. Like normal. Just a typical chilled Sunday really.



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