I watched Deadpool. It was brilliant. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I love Ryan Reynolds even if he did look like a ballsack in the movie lol

It was weird being without Scarlett. Even though I’ve been without her a few times before, it’s still weird when I go somewhere without her.

I’m going to get her weighed tomorrow at my local children’s centre. They hold a baby weigh-in on Thursday mornings. After I’ll drop her registration form into our local doctors so I can then set up her 8 week checkup and vaccinations, which is when they’ll also do my 6 week check (2 weeks late). I wonder how much she’ll have put on since she was weighed by the health visitor on Monday last week (Monday 8th). She was 7lb 4oz then. My little chunky monkey. She loves to eat so I expect she’s put on at least 6oz but we shall see tomorrow.

I’ve been binge watching Elementary again. I love it. I’ve just turned my iPad off so I can get some sleep before little miss wakes for a feed. She was fed at 11-11:30ish so she shouldn’t wake up until about 4am, maybe 3am if she’s really hungry.



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