3 weeks

We had a fairly good week. My dad was suppose to visit on Wednesday but he cancelled because he wasn’t feeling well. We didn’t go out for a few days due to shitty weather but we finally got some fresh air on Wednesday.

Friday night we went to my nan’s for the evening.

Saturday mom and I went shopping. I desperately needed some new jeans as all I had was a pair of maternity ones and a pair that had shrunk in length in the drier (which is no good when wearing heels). I managed to find 2 pairs. They were so comfy. I also picked up 2 tins of baby milk using the Boots gift card I received at my baby shower so that saved me £20 of my own money.

My moms friend had a 50th birthday party Saturday night which I was invited to. I decided not to take Scarlett because I can’t guarantee there won’t be anyone with germs. I asked my Nan if she’d watch her for a few hours and we’d pick her up on our way home. She agreed. So at 6:30pm we dropped her off and set off to pick up my mom’s other friend who was getting a lift with us. We had a nice night and I enjoyed my first Magners in 10 months. My Nan sent me a picture of Scarlett all ready for bed, which was nice. We picked her up and was home by midnight. She decided to play up a bit. I think she was punishing me for leaving her for a few hours as my Nan said she wouldn’t settle properly. I guess she knew I wasn’t nearby. In some ways that’s kind of adorable but I don’t think my Nan liked the fact she wouldn’t settle lol she’s obviously a Momma’s girl. She eventually settled at 1:30 and slept through till 7:30 when I woke her up for a feed and a nappy change.

Sunday we had roast dinner at nan’s then in the afternoon we popped to my moms work to show Scarlett to her friend. She hadn’t been there the first time we popped to her work. She had a cuddle then we left.

I’ve been binge watching Elementary on the NowTV app and I spent most my Sunday evening doing that whilst Scarlett slept. She had a feed at 6:30pm and then at 9:30pm I woke her up for a bath, get ready for bed then I gave her a feed.

Today Scarlett is 3 weeks old. We went for lunch with my mom and her friend then I went to my nan’s so my cousin could come see Scarlett. She also brought some gifts over. We are thoroughly spoiled by my family. I love having a big family.

Moms working tonight so I sorted myself some dinner, fed Scarlett, watched some TV and just chilled.

I’m booked to see Deadpool tomorrow. I can’t wait. I had a dirty dream about Ryan Reynolds last night haha can honestly say I enjoyed it ;)



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