2 weeks old

Monday last week (February 1) Scarlett was a week old. It was also my cousins birthday. He’s 10. I took a picture of her with her “weekly” milestone sticker. They go from “just born”, to “1 week”, “2 weeks”, “3 weeks” then it goes to months. So we snapped that.

We took her into my moms work place so she could meet my moms friends. They had a hold. She slept the entire time.

Tuesday was my other cousins birthday. He’s 8. He’s also my godson, Reggie. We popped over to my aunts house so we could drop both birthday cards off and so she could finally meet Scarlett. She hadn’t managed to get over before now because her car broke. The twins don’t go to nursery on Tuesday’s so they were home. They didn’t know what to make of her. My aunt had to explain to them that I had just had the baby, and that the doctors cut my belly to get her out so I was sore and they mustn’t jump on me. Frank sat next to me and held Scarlett’s foot. It was adorable. He wanted a cuddle so I gave Scarlett to his mom for a cuddle and then gave him a big hug. Bless him!!

Thursday evening I took Scarlett to bingo to meet the ladies. They all loved her. She slept through that too lol

Friday I took Scarlett into my work so she could meet my work colleagues. She had her first bus ride. She slept through it lol I let a few colleagues have a hold but not everyone. I just showed her off to the rest. Mom picked us up afterwards.

We spent Friday evening at my nan’s then we went home to relax. Mom had Scarlett in her room for the night. It was her idea. It was her weekend off so she said she wanted to have her for the night so I could get a full nights sleep. Very appreciative. I slept for 7 hours straight uninterrupted. Mom was up with her once in the night and then at 7:30ish. We were going for breakfast with her 2 friends so we were up and ready to go by 9:30am. We met them at the Wetherspoons in Aldershot. After our breakfast date we went home as my stepdad and his wife were popping over to see my brother, and meet Scarlett.

Sunday we had Sunday lunch at my nan’s and we re-enacting our “generations” picture that was taken when I was born in 1991. There is 5 generations in our matriarchal line now so we have to document that so my great Nan was picked up for the old folks home for dinner.

Today the Health Visitor had her first visit. She wasn’t scheduled to visit. It was last minute as it had been forgotten to be booked. She weighed Scarlett. She now weighs 7lb 4oz. Little fatty lol I see the Health Visitor again in 4 weeks.

This afternoon we registered Scarlett so she’s now officially a human being on this planet. Say hello to Scarlett Rose Patricia Nash…



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