Scarlett Rose

Well I was induced Sunday morning at 9ish after I got a labour ward room. I had a shower and some breakfast before they started the induction. Mom and I wandered downstairs to the cafe as walking around was suggested to move labour along. Whilst downstairs I started getting some contractions. They were irregular but as the day went on they got more painful and closer together. I was examined and then given the oxytocin drip to induce labour further. It meant I was hooked up to the bed. It sped up my contractions quite quickly. They were coming too close together and I wasn’t getting a chance to breathe in between but they weren’t having an effect on dilation so in essence they were bloody useless. I was getting wiped out quickly and this was with me using the Gas & Air so I asked for an epidural as it’ll give me the reprieve I needed. That was administered by the anaesthetist at 8pm and after half hour I started to feel less stressed. They put a catheter in as I was now unable to know when I needed a wee. My temperature and pulse spiked a while later so I was hooked up to IV fluids and IV antibiotics. I had been having continuous fetal monitoring the entire time so I was limited to how much I could move as every time I readjusted my position the monitor struggled to find baby’s heartbeat so I tried to stay as still as possible.

As the night wore on I was examined every few hours and I was progressing, just slowly. They upped the oxytocin drip in the hopes that I would have dilated sufficiently by 8am the next morning (Monday). They said it was crucial that I had made progress by 8am, as my waters will have been broken 48 hours and the risk of infection were high so they’d need to decide on a next step plan of getting her out safely.

I was examined at 8am and I was 8cm dilated. They upped the drip again in the hopes that the last 2cms would happen. I was examined at 10ish. I was finally 10cm but there was a slight complication due to baby’s head position so they wanted to take me to theatre for an assisted delivery via forceps or ventuous vacuum thing. They said if that failed then I’d have to have an emergency c-section. Due to this I had to sign some forms then I was wheeled down to theatre at 11ish.

They got me sorted out, gave me a spinal and we started with the assisted delivery. The midwife had her hand on my belly to monitor when I was having a contraction because I couldn’t feel them due to the spinal. Whenever she felt one she told me to push, so I did. We did this a few times but baby wasn’t coming and her heart rate dropped so they said we’ll have to do a c-section. They prepped me for it and mom sat next to me. Mom had been with me since 8am this morning and she got really overwhelmed when we first got into theatre. I told her that if I couldn’t hold the baby straight away then I wanted her to. At 11:58 this cry was heard and my baby was born. Mom left me to go over and see her. She cut the cord and then they wrapped her up and handed her to her. She came to me and I had my first hold. This squishy red face was looking at me and it was this ridiculously magical moment. I have a daughter. And her name is Scarlett Rose. She weighed a small 6lb 9.5oz. I asked mom to take her again because the adrenaline in my body was making my hands shake and the surgeons still had to sew me back up.


Once they’d finished, they slid me back to my hospital bed and then they handed Scarlett to me. We got to recovery so they could check us both and we did our first skin to skin. I couldn’t believe I had this little person. She was mine.

I was moved to the post natal ward and set up with all the stuff I needed like fluids and IV antibiotics. I had visitors. My grandparents came up and so did my brother and my dad’s sister. No one stayed long because I was half naked and on drugs lol

Scarlett was mostly on me but I did put her in the cot so I could doze a little. I had to buzz whenever she needed a feed or a nappy change. It was weird having to ask someone else to do things for her. I also had to buzz a midwife because my catheter had come apart and leaked on my bed. For about 2 hours. I slowly felt my bed getting warmer but I was sweating so I thought it was just that. It wasn’t until I pulled my sheet back I noticed the two bits to the catheter weren’t joined lol oops.

Tuesday I felt the pain from the section but I was itching to just get on my feet and get washed. I felt so skanky. They agreed I could shower if I could stand on my feet with no dizziness. They removed my catheter. Mom showed up at 10ish. She watched Scarlett whilst I had a shower. The midwife told me to wet my section bandages and pull them off, slowly. I got them wet but I couldn’t get it off so I buzzed for her to do it. I felt so much better after a shower and brushing my teeth.

My dad visited for the whole afternoon. He was besotted with Scarlett. Mom left to do some bits at home then she would be back up as they said they’ll be releasing me after 9 once I’d had my last IV antibiotics. Dad left at 7ish and mom arrived not long after, with dinner for me. After the antibiotics I was released. It was nice to sleep in my own bed except I was in so much pain that I cried a little.

Our first day home we had a visit from the midwife. She checked Scarlett over and checked my wound. She said Scarlett is slightly jaundice so she needs to be in as much daylight as possible. She says my wound is healing nicely and is not bruised etc.

Thursday we ventured out to pick up the pram then we stopped by my grandparents house for a cuppa.

Friday I walked to my nan’s house as I had a doctors appointment in the afternoon and she lives nearby. Mom watched her whilst I attended my appointment. We had a chilled Friday night and I slept a bit better.

Saturday my own midwife visited. She did the heal prick test on Scarlett. Poor baby screamed like she’s never done before. Broke my heart. She weighed her. She’s lost 40g but she says that’s nothing to worry about. I worked out how much that is in pounds/ounces. It is a loss of 1.5 ounces. I went to my nan’s afterwards as her brother and his partner were coming. No doubt they’d want to see the baby lol

That night we went home, ordered some chicken and then mom, me and Scarlett sat on moms bed watching Casualty. I took Scarlett to bed after her midnight feed. We were suppose to wake up at 3:30am but somehow my alarm didn’t alert us so she woke me up fussing at 5:30am. It was a good amount of sleep.

Today we went to nan’s again. For Sunday lunch. I laid on the sofa for a quick nap whilst Scarlett was sleeping. After lunch my dad turned up with my stepmom and siblings. Everyone except my sister held Scarlett. After they left I went home. Tonight I had a shower whilst she was asleep in the Moses basket and I love feeling clean.

Sunday was my due date. I would’ve been 40 weeks today. Instead I have a 6 day old daughter. Scary thought!!

Scarlett is due a feed at about 4ish so I’m going to get some sleep now.



10 thoughts on “Scarlett Rose

  1. julie roberts says:

    Yeah if u look at it that way then it works alrite, least you’ll get more of her to yourself as you said and it’s only natural as a mother. Documenting everything sounds like an awesome idea, I might just do that myself even though I have taken a couple of photos and videos. Your quite lucky that she’s been quiet so far especially when you’ve just had her and you’re exhausted as it it is. Gives u enough time to recover and get back to normality until she starts teething. Scarlett Rose Patricia Nash is a nice name. Is Patricia your middle name? I haven’t got long to go now till this ones out. Can’t wait to get it over and done with, social life has been total dead, not that I’m complaining as some things are worth it. I think I’m more worried about how I’m going to loose all this extra weight off. They say plenty of sex is the answer but I’m not sure if that’s a myth. What are your thoughts on it? How are u working on getting rid the extra weight and that’s if u got any?


    • nashkay says:

      Yes I’m very lucky that she’s a “relatively easy” baby. I went to a party last night so I left her for the first time. Was weird going somewhere without her lol was nice to socialise though.

      Patricia is the name of a long term family friend who passed away when I was 7 months pregnant so I have Scarlett that as a second middle name to honour her.

      Well I’m single, as you know, so I’ve no idea whether “lots of sex” will help get rid of baby weight lol I can’t say it’s something I’m going to be putting to the test.

      I actually weigh the same as I did pre-pregnancy. So technically I don’t need to lose any weight in that sense. I only gained 1 and a half stone during pregnancy. Although, I was overweight before pregnancy so I could do with eating better and incorporating some exercise into my life to lose a little weight but I’m in no rush. I mean, I’m not actually suppose to anything strenuous until I’ve had my 6 week check. And I’m only 20 days postpartum so I’ve got 3 weeks to go till then lol but I do intend to start swimming, once Scarlett had had her jabs at 8 weeks and is allowed to start swimming. And my mom and I are going to start Slimming World. We just haven’t decided when to start as we’ve obviously been busy and had a lot on and it was the last thing I felt like starting when I’d just had a baby and was adjusting to my body not being pregnant and my stomach squished lol X


  2. julie roberts says:

    Aw no way, sod him then. If anything this will make u an even stronger individual. My friend went through a similar thing, she said the first few years was an amazing experience even having to do it all alone but it’s definitely worth it. Us women need to stick together! You’re infertile story is amazing, just goes to show miracles still exist and I’m sure it will bring hope to other women in the same position too. How are u finding motherhood so far? I hear it gets tiring at times but I’m sure you have a lot of family behind you to support you if needed. How much did Scarlett weigh?


    • nashkay says:

      Oh yeah it’s definitely worth the experience and I’m not at all phased about doing it myself. In some selfish ways I prefer to. Simply do I don’t have to share her lol I’ll catch all her “firsts” by myself and that’ll be great. I’m documenting everything.
      Motherhood has been great. I’m lucky that so far she’s been a wonderful baby. She sleeps very well and feeds very well. She barely fusses and when she’s awake she just likes to be nosey and look around. I can honestly say I haven’t had a “bad night” with her. Of course I’m not naive. I know there will be many nights like that. Especially when she’s teething etc. But for now, she’s been fab.
      She weighed 6lb 9.5oz at birth. She’s 2 weeks old today and she was weighed by the health visitor. She weighs 7lb 4oz now. I registered her birth today. She’s officially Scarlett Rose Patricia Nash :) x


  3. julie roberts says:

    Yeh I know what u mean. I came off mine back in 2013 as I felt I was coming to that stage in life where I wanted children after seeing everyone else getting married and making babies lol. I presume your not with Scarlett’s father anymore? I saw the photo that u posted up the other day of your new-born. She looks so adorable. How old are your other kids? Do they all have the same father as Scarlett?


    • nashkay says:

      No. He didn’t want to be part of our lives when I told him I was pregnant and that hasn’t changed over the last 9 months. He hasn’t been in touch since August last year.
      I don’t have other children. I just have Scarlett. I was told I was infertile at 21 so I never thought I’d have any children so she’s my miracle baby. X


  4. julie roberts says:

    Aw thanks, I can’t actually wait now. Mine’s due in the summer so I haven’t got long. Time goes by too quick when you’re out busy buying baby wear lol. It’s amazing though what you’ve been through and you’ve come out the other end as I remember reading up about your fertility issue a few months ago and it’s amazing that miracles like this can still happen. Where you on birth control when u had sex or was it unplanned sex without protection? Hope u don’t mind me asking this if it comes across as a bit personal as I know some women are quite open to talk and some are not :)


    • nashkay says:

      No I wasn’t on birth control. I came off it in 2009 as I wanted a break from the hormones. During the time I was with Scarlett’s father, we mostly used contraception (condoms). It was only a couple of times we didn’t, as I had no reason to worry about the chance of pregnancy and we’d had the “STI” convo and had both recently been tested clean. X


  5. julie roberts says:

    Hiya Kayleigh, just wanted to say congratulations on your new-born. Been following your journey from the start to help me prepare with my one that’s on the way later this year and it’s helped a lot learning wise :)


    • nashkay says:

      Hi Julie. Thank you so much. She’s lovely and I couldn’t ask for a better baby. She’s so chilled and I love that about her. Good luck with your bundle. They truly are a blessing and if you have any questions, please ask :) x


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