She’s on her way

Well Thursday I went to bingo with my Nan. I didn’t win anything. She won £5 lol

Friday I had my second round of monitoring and trace at the hospital. I had a little cry but the midwife said that’s normal to feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t happen often so I guess I should be glad I’ve been “mostly fine” on the hormones front.

After the hospital, my grandad picked me up and we did some shopping. Walking around the shops, just for 30 minutes, was hard work on my pelvis. We met my Nan at Morrison’s so we could do some food shopping. I saw these gorgeous “born in 2016” outfits so I simply had to buy them lol

Friday evening I got my labour ball out and sat bouncing on it for 3 hours.

Today I had my first, and only, antenatal class scheduled. I woke up at 8am and felt the weirdest sensation. It was like I was weeing myself but I knew I wasn’t. I’d soaked my underwear but when I inspected, it wasn’t wee. I put a pad on and laid on my side for 30 minutes as you’re usually advised. More trickled when I stood so I replaced the pad and we set off for the class. During the class I felt the trickling sensation twice so I spoke to a midwife who said to change the pad, leave it on the sanitary bin and she’d have a look. She confirmed it was definitely my waters so she advised I phone the labour ward. I spoke to them. They said to come up in the next few hours. We stayed at the class till lunch then we left. We ate then went up the hospital. I got seen by triage quite quickly and after some monitoring, and a look at the pad I’d soaked, they said they want to keep me in and induce labour. Unfortunately the labour ward itself is majorly busy so they’ve admitted me to the antenatal ward until labour can take me.

I’m not sure if I’ve accepted what’s going to happen. I’m too calm for the fact that I’m going to be induced and could have my baby girl within the next 24 hours. My mom and I agreed she didn’t need to sit up here whilst I’m just waiting around so I sent her home. I’m sat watching Murdock Mysteries on my iPad atm whilst I’m on the monitor for baby’s heartbeat etc.

I can’t believe I moaned the other day it’ll never be my turn lol my mom is bringing up the labour bag when she comes back up which will be when I am transferred to labour ward. I’ll give her a call then…



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