Hump Day

Tuesday I had my midwife appointment. She did all the usual checks. Baby is still head down but I knew that from the scan the day before. She said there was no glucose in my wee sample this time. Good news as I had no intentions of re-doing the GTT. I told her about Friday and Monday. She said to attend the monitoring and see how it went. That was it.

My American friend (part of an American pregnancy group) spontaneously went into labour and had her little girl a few weeks early. She’s doing well but as she’s early they’re keeping her in. On my English pregnancy group so far 4 babies have been born. 1 was born a few weeks ago, another was born last week and 2 more this week. None of them were even due this month. It’s so crazy. I’m totally jealous because I actually AM due this month but I can’t see her ever making her appearance.

I feel like I’m going to be pregnant forever. I know I’m not. But I just hate this waiting around. I’m not very good when I can’t control something. It makes me anxious. I know I’m anxious at the moment because I noticed I’ve been chewing my lips. The inside of my bottom lip is sore and lumpy. I can’t help it. I’m just so worried about her movements again, as she keeps going quiet for hours on end, and I just hate the fact I can’t predict when she’ll be here.

Today I had my monitoring and trace appointment at 10:30am. My grandad picked me up at 10am. I got seen at 11am. I was finished by noon. Baby hadn’t moved much since I got up and only moved a little whilst on the monitor. It’s a different one in DAU. Instead of just letting a machine do its thing, you have a clicker you press when you feel a movement. I was monitored for 30 minutes and I only had cause to press it twice. That didn’t seem much but the midwife said the trace came out fine. I can only assume movement showed up that I couldn’t feel?

My grandad picked me up and I went to his house for lunch. I had picked up a cheese panini from the cafe at the hospital so I ate that when we arrived.

I have another monitoring and trace on Friday. I don’t have anything planned tomorrow but I may go to bingo in the evening with my Nan. She goes every Thursday.



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