Well I had my doctors appointment yesterday. He didn’t exactly explain why I had to take antibiotics. He just said that my urine had white cells in it indicating my body was trying to fight an infection and because I’m pregnant he didn’t want to wait for a resample. He said if he had waited for a resample the infection could’ve ended up getting much worse and inducing labour. I understand that. I do. But he couldn’t even tell me what type of infection and I had NO symptoms. Plus he also said the sample indicated a corruption in it, meaning it could have had a bit of dirt or dust in the urine sample pot. So in reality I may NOT HAVE HAD an infection. Infuriating much!

I am thinking of starting a countdown once I hit the 2 weeks left mark but I’m not sure which due date to go by. My “official” one of January 31st or the growth scan January 29th. Or what about my LMP EDD 27th January lol

I haven’t had any symptoms of impending labour. My pelvis aches and occasionally I get shooting pains but they’re tolerable. I’ve had a slight increase in discharge but I haven’t seen my mucus plug yet. I also haven’t had leaky boobs or any major change in them. They’re the same size as before being pregnant. My nipples ARE darker but that’s it. I really do hope I don’t go overdue. I don’t think I’d enjoy that much but I know she’ll come whenever she is ready. I just hope she hurries up and is ready soon. I just want to meet her. I want to see her face because at the moment I can’t picture her face. And until she’s here it’s still so surreal!!!

I’m going cinema on Thursday with my grandad. He wants to watch The Hateful Eight. It’s not usually my sort of film but he wants to see so I said I’d go with him. It’s over 3 hours long so there is a 15 minute intermission half way through lol we are going to catch the afternoon viewing as I don’t think neither of us want to be at the cinema for more than 3 hours so late at night.

I have to hand in my urine sample tomorrow for the resample. I also need to pick up my 2 nursing bras from mothercare. I ordered 3 headbands for baby girl online so I’m waiting for them to come. She’ll have 6 then. That’s plenty. I know she’s bound to have hardly any hair like I did when I was baby so the headband will make it obvious to strangers than she’s a girl!

I’m currently in bed, wide awake at 4:15am, watching Murdoch Mysteries. I quite like this show. It’s on so late though so I only catch it if I’ve slept too much in the day before and find myself wide awake the next night!!



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