37 weeks

I had my 36 week check on Thursday. Baby’s heartbeat is perfect. She’s still head down and is 3/5 engaged. That explains the pelvis pains I have been having on and off since before Christmas. My BP was a little low but it’s normal for me. My fundal height is measuring 38cm and they’re happy with her movements.

Thursday night I went to bingo with my Nan. I won £55 lol

Friday I spent most the day at my grandparents. I had dinner there and went home fairly late.

Yesterday mom and I popped into town after she finished work. We had some lunch and a wander round town.

Today I am 37 weeks!!!! I can’t believe I’ve reached “full term”. I can’t wait for her to get here. I’m happy if she comes anytime between now and my due date. I’d much rather NOT go over due but I know it could happen, I guess.

Having dinner at my grandparents today. The twins are here for dinner too. They’re so funny.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow as a follow up for my antibiotics. Hopefully the doctor will explain better why I had to take them.



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